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Donations all you need to know.
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16th Feb 2015

As some of you may of notice there is a donations tab in the top left of the website. This is for you the community to help pay for the website, game server and Teamspeak. It is managements belief that it is only fair that you know what you are kindly donating towards.

The server costs €70 a month due at the end of every month.

The server specs are:
CPU Intel: i7-3770
RAM: 32GB of DDR3
Harddisk: 1TB HDD X2
SSD: 240GB

1 Gb/s Guaranteed up and down connected to a Tier 1 internet Provider 

If you queries about the server, pricing and donations please contact management.

Gugliemo Cormacchio - Squid 18/02/16@20:01

Why do you drink milk ? It is meant to be consumed by one ton animals.

Because I want to be a one ton animal

DONT FORGET TO VOTE LOL....................

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7th Nov 2015

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Proton 20:10
Coming on!
[TWC] Declan 20:09
Public anyone?
[TWC] Alex Macca 17:04
whos down for public
[TWC] zurxo 14:24
You need to water and fertilize it more @JEFRO
JEFRO 12:16
i still got 9 toes aint grew back yet
UnicOtter 11:56
is there no midweek mission today ?
Hassan Balkani 22nd Oct
Thanks for letting me know
[TWC] Alex Macca 22nd Oct
no thats just if you want to play the operations
Hassan Balkani 22nd Oct
Hey,do I need to sign up to play on the Public modded server ?
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Oct
[TWC] Alex Macca 22nd Oct
whos down for public?
[TWC] Dazzort 22nd Oct
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
[TWC] Declan 21st Oct
Anyone for Public?
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
some people are on public now if u wanna join hop on
Proton 21st Oct
Afternoon. Happy to be here.
[TWC] Aleyboy 21st Oct
Ill be on public later
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
anyone down for public?
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
remember to vote
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
anyone up for a quick public session
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