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Operation HAZE
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 595
9th Feb 2015



Russian forces have recently captured Stratis and have started to set up defences. The island is quickly turning into a military island. NATO high command has decided that this is the best time to recapture the Greek island and re-establish NATO control over the eastern Mediterranean. 

Russian forces have set up some military bases, and they are constructing an unknown object on the island. A NATO force has assembled a few miles of the coast of Stratis and is ready to strike.


Our platoon is to insert under the cover of darkness and capture 2 key objectives. We will have to capture the radar site, to prevent them from spotting our air assets in the main assault. Additionally, we will have to capture the construction site, to prevent the Russians from moving any high value assets. Once we have captured these objectives, we have to capture the Kamino Firing Range, which the main NATO force will use as a landing ground. 


- Capture Radar Site

- Capture Construction Site

- Capture the Kamino Firing Range

Enemy Force:

The assets we will have to capture are defended by about a section of regular infantry each, equipped with modern Russian weaponry and no heavy weapons. However, since they are key objectives, we can expect them to send veteran mechanised VDV QRFs to try and respond. 

- Platoon Command (T)  Lockoncap
- Platoon Sergeant  (T)    Patty Evans
- Company Sergeant Major  No-one
- Platoon Medic  (T)    Will
- Helicopter Pilot (T) (N)  Twiggy

- Section Leader      Saxon
- Rifleman/AT  Matthew
- Combat Life Saver   Zurxo
- Auto Rifleman  Crabb
- 2iC    Tehspycer
- Auto Rifleman   Whistler
- Machine Gunner   Grusey
- Marksman/AT  JEFRO

- Section Leader     Squid
- Rifleman/AT   T.Roberts
- Combat Life Saver   TwoGhosts
- Auto Rifleman   No-One
- 2iC  Cobolt
- Auto Rifleman   No-One
- Machine Gunner   Mc_Jazza
- Marksman/AT  LionRampant


(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this Thursday.

(N) - This slot is not guaranteed, it can be removed at the discretion of management and this will depend on the turnout for the operation.

Last Edit: 17th Feb 2015 by Will
Joined: 22nd Dec 2012
Rank: Public Player
Likes 205
14th Feb 2015

Unless I'm too late I'll take AR
Joined: 1st Aug 2014
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 307
14th Feb 2015

Infantry if its available

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'Who can be bothered to learn the Acrylic alphabet?' - Ghostie3k

'As they say, Potato Pototo.' - JEFRO

'You don't get a full KFC from chicken' Paddock

Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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[TWC] Theo Papas 28th Sep
public time!
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I’m glad to be back.
[TWC] Captain Austalia 27th Sep
Dino its good to have you back!
[TWC] Captain Austalia 27th Sep
[TWC] Hobbs 27th Sep
pub time, cold war ireland insurgency
[TWC] Aleyboy 27th Sep
Public toniiight
[TWC] Captain Austalia 27th Sep
Great op guys!
[TWC] Patty Evans 27th Sep
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[TWC] Ross 27th Sep
Great Op, Can't wait for next week
[TWC] Mallas 26th Sep
OP Time!
[TWC] Mallas 26th Sep
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[TWC] Patty Evans 26th Sep
Check your repos NOW just in case
[TWC] Captain Austalia 26th Sep
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[TWC] Aleyboy 25th Sep
[TWC] Ross 25th Sep
Pub time
[TWC] Hobbs 25th Sep
no but you're legally required to laugh every time you see intestines come out
[TWC] zurxo 25th Sep
Do you need 11 kills to use it?
[TWC] Hobbs 25th Sep
[TWC] Ross 25th Sep
Friday Night Pub tonight! Let’s get our AC130 on
[TWC] Captain Austalia 24th Sep
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