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Operation MUERTOS
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 17th Sep 2012
Rank: Member
Likes 362
24th May 2020

Company Command
Company Commander (T): Saxon
Company Sergeant Major (T): Sarge

1 Platoon
Platoon Leader (T): dinoscool3
Platoon Sergeant (T): Patty Evans
Platoon Medic (T): TooTall

1-1 Squad
Squad Leader (T): Lukey
Team Leader (T): Keniz
Rifleman (AT): Dylan
Grenadier: Mr T
Machinegunner: UnicOtter
Team Leader (T): Vieira
Rifleman (AT): Nathan
Grenadier: Fro
Machinegunner: wumkin

1-2 Squad
Squad Leader (T): No-One
Team Leader (T): zurxo
Rifleman (AT): Crow
Grenadier: Declan
Machinegunner: Bosenator
Team Leader (T): The_Spine
Rifleman (AT): Rik
Grenadier: Aleyboy
Machinegunner: Big Lad

2 Platoon
Platoon Leader (T): jayman
Platoon Sergeant (T): Crabb
Platoon Medic (T): Björn

2-1 Squad
Squad Leader (T): lockoncap
Team Leader (T): freez
Rifleman (AT): Paddock
Grenadier: Charlemagne
Machinegunner: Captain_Australia
Team Leader (T): Meatballs
Rifleman (AT): No-One
Grenadier: DerpyDays
Machinegunner: nickthegreek

2-2 Squad
Squad Leader (T): No-One
Team Leader (T): No-One
Rifleman (AT): No-One
Grenadier: No-One
Machinegunner: No-One
Team Leader (T): No-One
Rifleman (AT): No-One
Grenadier: No-One
Machinegunner: No-One


Recon Team
Team Leader (T): Hobbs
Rifleman (AT): Theo Papas
Machinegunner: Mallas

(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this Wednesday.

Reserve List:

It's not a retreat, it's a flank around the world.

Last Edit: 30th May 2020 by Mallas
Joined: 26th May 2014
Rank: --
Likes 557
30th May 2020

Sorry, guys please sign me off.

"Maybe we are moving slow because you told us to halt" - Jayman - Operation Adventu

"They are all dead! You killed them all!" - Squid - After schimitar knocking down the wall into a graveyard. - Operation SATRON

"Are you drunk Fro? I love your zig-zaging." "I was going straight. What you on about? Hard to drive one-handed while drinking" - Fro - Operation Tarzan

"Mess with the best, die like the rest!"

Joined: 16th Oct 2012
Rank: Member
Likes 21
30th May 2020

slot me in somewhere
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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Operation BITING
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