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Operation PRYZHOK
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 772
23rd Jun

Platoon Commander (T): Saxon
Platoon Sergeant (T): No-One
Platoon Medic (T): Theo Papas

Section Commander (T): Ghostie3k
Machine Gunner: Kapten_Nuben
AT Rifleman: zurxo
2IC (T): No-One
Rifleman: Cuck Me
Rifleman: No-One
Vehicle Commander (T): Rik
Vehicle Driver: TooTall

Section Commander (T): Mc_Jazza
Machine Gunner: Fro
AT Rifleman: Sarge
2IC (T): No-One
Rifleman: Kieran
Rifleman: Hobbs
Vehicle Commander (T): Mallas
Vehicle Driver: The_Spine

Section Commander (T): No-One
Machine Gunner: Mr T
AT Rifleman: Hartley
2IC (T): No-One
Rifleman: No-One
Rifleman: No-One
Vehicle Commander (T): freez
Vehicle Driver: Meatballs

(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this Wednesday.

(N) - This slot is not guaranteed, it can be removed at the discretion of management and this will depend on the turnout for the operation.

Reserve List:
Last Edit: 29th Jun by Rik
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 772
26th Jun

As it turns out only 8 people can fit inside of a BMD and not 9 even though there is a commander's seat. This has necessitated the combination of the gunner as the vehicle commander. I have adjusted roles accordingly.

Last Edit: 26th Jun by jayman
Joined: 27th Sep 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 219
29th Jun

rifle pls

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Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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[TWC] Vieira 11:40
Hell Let Loose is actually good. Recomend a Game night with it. cheers
Daniel 12th Nov
Eyyy, sup Jefro?
[TWC] freez 12th Nov
sounds good
JEFRO 12th Nov
IM STILL HERE !!! checking up on you guys , sorry i havnt been around , i gotta job working nights sat - tuesday and i got a 3 month old baby yea i havnt had time to sleep let alone play i hope you all good , if i get any time i jump on and play with you mo fo's
[TWC] jayman 9th Nov
I'm 15 minutes away from joining
[TWC] Rik 9th Nov
Nope, BI borked it, so we can´t update.
[TWC] Mr T 9th Nov
no repo update for ops and trainings since last week?
[TWC] Chaza 9th Nov
Need a 2ic! Someone step up!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
And don't forget to vote!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
Cold war gone hot mechanised! What more could you want!
[TWC] Chaza 9th Nov
Need a few more sign ups chap, and crucially the anit tank team!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 9th Nov
[TWC] Hobbs 8th Nov
training's on a wednesday, and check heart rate first as blood pressure is only relevant inside a vehicle
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
TIL that Hobbs doesn't understand the medical system.
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
u wot
[TWC] Hobbs 8th Nov
today I learned that zurxo doesn't know the medical system
[TWC] Hartley 8th Nov
Blood pressure...?
[TWC] zurxo 8th Nov
Don't forget to check blood pressure before treating )))
[TWC] Sarge 8th Nov
Cant vouch for anything if I'm dead
[TWC] Hartley 8th Nov
Sarge will vouch for my medical skills...RIP
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