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Operation SKYFALL
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 16th Nov 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 723
30th May 2016

Role Sheet

- Platoon Command (T)   Saxon 
- Platoon Sergeant (T) Patty Evans
Pilot    Alkali

- Section Leader (T)     Cal
- Rifleman/AT   Thorulf4
- Grenadier  Declan
- Auto Rifleman  Amar
- 2iC (T)  T.Roberts
- Auto Rifleman    Captain Australia
- Machine Gunner   Ghostie3K
- Marksman/AT  Goose

- Section Leader (T)  No-One
- Rifleman/AT   Petkoo
- Grenadier No-One
- Auto Rifleman   No-One
- 2iC (T)  Dinoscool3
- Auto Rifleman   No-One
- Machine Gunner   RaiseTheDead
- Marksman/AT   Prophet

- Section Leader (T)   No-One
- Rifleman/AT   Fro
- Grenadier No-One
- Auto Rifleman   Aremeczk
- 2iC (T)  No-One
- Auto Rifleman  No-One
- Machine Gunner   Hordor
- Marksman/AT   Paddock

(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this thursday.

(N) - This slot is not guaranteed, it can be removed at the discretion of management and this will depend on the turnout for the operation.

Respect is earned, not given

Last Edit: 4th Jun 2016 by Fakematty
Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 456
4th Jun 2016


"If you are ever mentioning "section", you're too controlling.If the platoons are ever deciding what to do next, then you're not controlling enough." -Heaney

Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 446
4th Jun 2016

grunt me plz
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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[TWC] Ross 19:25
Join for the op!
[TWC] Ross 18:03
Join now for Preop!
SJM505427 23rd Jan
Must have a weird life
[TWC] zurxo 23rd Jan
I know, right?
[TWC] Ross 23rd Jan
Imagine not signing up for the op
[TWC] Mr T 23rd Jan
[TWC] Lukey 22nd Jan
U like dat pun?
[TWC] Lukey 22nd Jan
I'm losing patience with people not signing up, including myself! RRRRRREEEEEEEEE
[TWC] Ross 22nd Jan
Pub time!
[TWC] Mr T 22nd Jan
I can't wait for Operation PATIENCE
[TWC] Ross 22nd Jan
Pub tonight!
[TWC] Ross 22nd Jan
Remember to sign up for the op!
[TWC] Vieira 20th Jan
LessThanDave 20th Jan
@vieira, all good mate
[TWC] Bosenator 20th Jan
That's some explosive news
[TWC] Ross 20th Jan
Grenadier slots have been added to each section as per our usual WW2 setup. Comment on the role sheet if you wish to change
[TWC] Vieira 20th Jan
Hope you don’t mind the gif on reddit Dave! Hahaha
[TWC] Mr T 20th Jan
Psst Vieira is Karma whoring on reddit give him an upvote ... i_am_a_bad_heli_guy/
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 20th Jan
Ghostie, any chance of seeing the clip of Bose et al. getting nuked? pls
Operation PATIENCE
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