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Operation UNAWARE
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 762
24th Feb

Platoon Commander (T): Rik
Platoon Sergeant (T): Saxon
Platoon Medic (T): Bosenator

Section Commander (T): nickthegreek
Rifleman (AT): Aircheese
Grenadier: Raft
Auto-Rifleman: No-One
2IC (T): dinoscool3
Auto-Rifleman: Crabb
Machine Gunner: Hobbs
Marksman (AT): TooTall

Section Commander (T): Ghostie3k
Rifleman (AT): Mac
Grenadier: jayman
Auto-Rifleman: Grusey
2IC (T): TheoPapas
Auto-Rifleman: No-One
Machine Gunner: Berg
Marksman (AT): Mallas

Section Commander (T): No-One
Rifleman (AT): Joery
Grenadier: Meatballs
Auto-Rifleman: Kieran
2IC (T): Lemon_Pizza
Auto-Rifleman: No-One
Machine Gunner: No-One
Marksman (AT): Lukey

(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this Wednesday.

Reserve List:
Last Edit: 2nd Mar by Rik
Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Member
Likes 1098
2nd Mar

Marksman AT? No?

Signature Picture

"Faithful in Adversity"

Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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[TWC] Mc_Jazza 22:12
Hey Eslam, long time no-see!
[TWC] Keniz 19:49
Yup, looking forward to the pub today
Eslam 19:47
Ayy lads you still alive?!
[TWC] Crow 19:08
Public eh?
[TWC] Hobbs 12:55
I'l be on pub tonight hopefully around 7
[TWC] Keniz 12:12
Thank you! Ill try to show up for pub today if i'll make it, since its my last chance for this week (i'm hitting France again from wed)
[TWC] dinoscool3 24th Jun
Got the day off thanks to Quebecois Day, anyone down for some Public?
[TWC] Lukey 24th Jun
Welcome back for me eyyy
[TWC] nickthegreek 24th Jun
welcome to the group
[TWC] Mallas 24th Jun
Congrats to all the new members!
[TWC] Keniz 23rd Jun
little bit late on comment for @Bosenator... thanks for the section command yesterday, was great, too bad I wasnt able to pull you out alive there
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Ill be on around 1900
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jun
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Or just appear?
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Shall we set a time
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jun
I’ll be up for Sunday public
[TWC] Hobbs 23rd Jun
@chaza jayman's putting in rhs afrf for this one op
[TWC] Hobbs 23rd Jun
if people go on it crow then sure XD
[TWC] Chaza 23rd Jun
Where are we getting the BMD's from?
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Any public on today?
Operation PRYZHOK
3 Days, 20 Hours, 15 Minutes and 39 Seconds
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Mark Jhonston
15th Jun