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Operation VENENUM
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Management
Likes 293
25th Apr

Platoon Commander (T): dinoscool3
Platoon Sergeant (T): Cryogenic
Platoon Medic (T): Grusey

Section Commander (T): Rik
Rifleman (AT): Harry
Grenadier: Ghostie3k
Auto-Rifleman: Bosenator
2IC (T): Lukey
Auto-Rifleman: Biggsy
Machine Gunner: Ross
Marksman (AT): LessThanDave

Section Commander (T): SJM505427
Rifleman (AT): Patty Evans
Grenadier: Fro
Auto-Rifleman: Levi
2IC (T): Crabb
Auto-Rifleman: Bjorn
Machine Gunner: Sonny
Marksman (AT): Solitare

Section Commander (T): Mooocow
Rifleman (AT): No-One
Grenadier: Emi
Auto-Rifleman: Mr T
2IC (T): Saxon
Auto-Rifleman: No-One
Machine Gunner: nickthegreek
Marksman (AT): No-One

(T) - This slot requires training, if you wish to play this slot you either have to be previously trained or able to attend the training this Wednesday.

Reserve List:


Last Edit: 2nd May by Ross
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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[TWC] Ross 11th Jun
I get you if you post on here or the discord people will generally be up for a game but usually in the evening now
[TWC] Joe 11th Jun
Ah ok cool - yeh i was on there this morning but not much you can do on your own...
[TWC] Ross 11th Jun
Yeah usually, it is undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment though so it’s been a bit quieter recently
[TWC] Joe 11th Jun
Does anyone play on the public server anymore?
[TWC] Alec 10th Jun
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Jun
The rolesheet will be up tomorrow
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Jun
Next Tuesday will be a revenant Tuesday yes
[TWC] Alec 9th Jun
Are we going to have an Revenant OP next tuesday?
[TWC] Lukey 8th Jun
Join for training scenario
[TWC] Joe 8th Jun
haha yeh I used to chill on the public server to get it seeded most days... probs will do again if my t'interweb ever downloads all the required mods!
[TWC] Ghostie3k 7th Jun
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