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Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
Joined: 24th Jan 2015
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30th Jan 2017

Signing Up for an Operation:

Make a post in the unlocked Operation Rolesheet thread, stating your desired role. You can not choose your exact slot on the rolesheet (i.e. which Section). If insufficient people sign up for the operation, you may be asked to change role on the night to fill a more important role.

If there are slots that you are able to fill, you can not sign up to be a Reserve

Roles Which Require Training: (Marked with (T))

Unless you already have the required qualification, you will have to attend training before attending the op. Please contact a Trainer to schedule in training. If you have not scheduled or attended training before Friday 2000 UTC you will be de-signed for that role.

Command Roles: (Written in Orange)

Command Roles cannot be taken by:
  • Makers of the Operation
  • Collaborators of the Operation

Attachment Raffle:

If you want to sign up for the attachment raffle, you can sign up for both a single role in the attachment and a regular, non-unique* role on the rolesheet. In the latter you will be greyed out as to signify that this slot is possibly not filled once the raffle is concluded. If you don't win the raffle, this is the slot you will be put into.

It is at the Operation Manager running the op that weeks discretion on whether the attachment will be present, their decision will depend on sign ups. They may consult with the Platoon Commander that week on his wishes, but it will still come down to the manager to make the final decision.

The Attachment raffle closes on Wednesday 23:59 GMT, any entries after this time will not be counted.

The raffle itself takes into account how many times you have played as an attachment in the last 10 weeks.

*Unique roles are everything that is Platoon Level and above, including the Platoon Medic / Pilot / FAC, etc.

Snowball: "That was a textbook assault"
Cal: "What textbook are you fucking reading?"

"Will, you need to be more flexible especially when things start getting hard." - Jayman

Last Edit: 21st Oct by Ross
Forum » Operations » Operation Rolesheets Locked
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