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Out of Arma for a while
Forum » Community » General Discussion
Joined: 16th Jun 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 201
7th Oct 2015

Hi I figured randomly disappearing was a little rude, especially after ive had so much fun with you guys over the last 4 or 5 months. If your really, really interested why im gone, then check the videos description, its not really relavent for a thread, and why would you care, but its there anyway.


The community is really great, something thats hard to find, just being on teamspeak talking to you guys was funny as hell with all the different personalities, NO Cal, do not go there, I no the next comment you will make! haha. Anyway point is i think you guys have something special, something that's built with heart and dedication.


I joined the group with the intent to make things better, and I assessed the group, found out where i could contribute, ever since the new group formed, maybe i didnt do it directly. However point is, from what I got listening to Will and the issues that faced the group, every member should be looking to contribute and finding out how things can be made better. You should make your points clear with detail, so it can make the group better not just for you as an individual. For example, people complain new people arnt well trained, issue sometimes they cant attend training or its cancelled, solution, right down basic SOPs for all members recruits, and pending recruits. Make SOPs as simple as possible, remember the S stands for Standard, not secret or special. Solution to 'its much work writing SOPs, trainers copy and paste your training guides to be easily found. Things like that just to make the group work more easily, and it should be a community effort, not just few members of the 'elite'.

You guys have an amazing community and it has the potential to be 10x as better, if you all have the motivation and determination, with the leadership to go, this is our plan.

I wish you guys a great future, there's literally nothing I wouldn't do for you guys, I mean your all amazing to be around and play with, but I have to go. Nope cant think of any edgy topics to bring up, with the word "edgy" a little over used in the group haha. Like all former twc members I will continue working on the underground pyramids.

I could be back (bad news or good news idk)

Forum » Community » General Discussion
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