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Poem: Operation Sackville
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Will we all die?

Preacher will take the barn solo again.

Joined: 18th Feb 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 119
17th Dec 2016

My mates, here we stand with yet another impossible task at hand.

Rebuilding, what our diplomatic colleagues could not, Margaret's honor should we not?

Forward through the desert we go, where the Iraqi tank now roams.

FUBAR would become our latest quote, since they have tanks, and we don't!

We will be wrapped in kitchen foil, the Mighty Scimitar, ugh, I think will be slightly boiled.

But beware don't go below echo speed or else the T72 will make sure there's no chance for retreat.

But the T72's might be the least of your worries, we're stuck in a desert where are our Mc Flurries.

However one point of luck, we have our marker panels, they make us look like orange rockets do they not?

I hoped for a easy op, but this probably won't be it, do you think not?


Word to the wise, War is a necessary undergoing of change, the evidence is all around us, War formed and changed The United States, War formed and United the United Kingdom, War formed the countries now part of the European Union, i'm just saying!

Last Edit: 17th Dec 2016 by Preacher
Joined: 7th Jul 2016
Rank: Public Player
Likes 142
17th Dec 2016

For glory!! we shall not perish!!

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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
17th Dec 2016

Beautiful. An addition, if I may:

We'll perish by tanks, not the winds of berg.
For Matty thinks that we are zerg.
Joined: 26th May 2014
Rank: --
Likes 557
18th Dec 2016

Just gonna put this one here.

Our supply dropped in the sand
Ammo high on demand
We die in clusters...
Yet my flag still flutters...

"Maybe we are moving slow because you told us to halt" - Jayman - Operation Adventu

"They are all dead! You killed them all!" - Squid - After schimitar knocking down the wall into a graveyard. - Operation SATRON

"Are you drunk Fro? I love your zig-zaging." "I was going straight. What you on about? Hard to drive one-handed while drinking" - Fro - Operation Tarzan

"Mess with the best, die like the rest!"

Last Edit: 18th Dec 2016 by Truly GHOSTie
Forum » Community » General Discussion
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Pub time!
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its ok vieira I forgive u, u didnt miss much apart from like 3 objectives but who cares
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Internet died, and then I was too lasy to come back. MoooCow
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Good question
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When is the rolesheet up?
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Did you plant the explosives for the BTR on KlipKlop too? Stop volunteering Harry!
[TWC] Harry 2nd May
Flashbacks to btr on the airfield at Klipklop intensifies
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