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ACRE2 Guide
Forum » Information and Rules » Technical Difficulties and Solutions
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
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30th Nov 2015


Everything here was taken from, 

but because that website is super slow and has horrible documentation I am putting it here: 

Controls are editable in Arma via the CBA addon keys configuration. You must be in a game to change your keys.
The default controls are as follows:
  • Radio PTT: Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 1: Shift-Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 2: Ctrl-Capslock
  • Alternate PTT 3: Alt-Capslock
  • Open/Close Radio: Alt-Ctrl-Capslock
  • Cycle Radio: Alt-Shift-Capslock
  • Cycle Babel Language: Left Windows Key
  • Set Radio Left Ear: Ctrl-Shift Left Arrow Key
  • Set Radio Right Ear: Ctrl-Shift Right Arrow Key
  • Set Radio Both Ears: Ctrl-Shift Up Arrow Key
Alpha squad Radio:

Basic Settings
Use the knobs to change volume and channel. Alpha is on channel 1.

All other Units:

Power/Volume Control Knob
Left clicking will increase the radio’s volume to a maximum of 100%. Right clicking will decrease the radio’s volume to a minimum of 20%.

You can turn the radio off by holding control and right clicking the volume knob while it is at the minimum setting of 20%. To turn the radio back on simply left click the volume knob.

Channel Knob
Left clicking the knob will increment the current channel selection through the 16 settings on the knob.

Right clicking will decrement the current channel selection through the 16 settings on the knob.

The channel knob has 16 settings, the channels available is dependent upon the current group selected. By default: Group 1: Channels 1 - 16, Group 2: Channels 17 - 32, etc.

LCD Display Screen
The LCD display screen is where all menus and information will be displayed. The primary/default display screen has two 'modes'. These are detailed in the graphic above.

The primary default display shows the current Group label, channel label, audio mode icon, battery indicator, operating mode, and encryption mode.

The alternate default display shows the current receiving (RX) and transmitting (TX) frequencies, current receiving (R) and transmitting (T) squelch tones, encryption key, data/traffic rate, and operating mode.

Advanced Use:

Basic Use

Function Switch
Left and right clicking the function switch will cycle between the 1st 6 preset channels on the radio. Additionally this can be used to turn off the radio by placing the switch in the left most position, turning it back to any of the channel positions will turn the radio back on.

Volume control
The radio volume can be adjusted using the volume control button on the left hand side of the radio, above the large press to talk key.
Left clicking on this will increase the volume, while right clicking will decrease the radio volume. The volume setting will be displayed on the LCD screen when you use this button.

Changing Channels
Click PRE +/- to change between channels. Alternatively, you can use the top knob to switch between channels 1-6.

In-depth Operation
Programming Instructions
The Farris radio operating system follows a standard across all farris radios for operational programming, usage, and menu navigation.

Menus and items are navigated with either the UP-DOWN or LEFT-RIGHT arrows; depending on the menu type. CLR will take you back at any time, and ENT is generally used for saving values. If you use CLR to back out of a menu, those settings are not saved. As you navigate through a series of menus, those values are not saved to the radio until the cycle is complete.

Entering Values
Numerical values are entered with the number pad, clicking left and right to navigate the digit. Alphanumeric values are entered the same way, by repeatedly pressing the given button and cycling through letter options. Upon pressing a different button, that value is entered and the menu is moved to the next digit.

Read More: http://gitlab.idi-systems ... /wikis/Radio_PRC_152

Long Range:

Basic Use

Function Switch
Congratulations this button does nothing except force your radio to reboot once you set it back to PT

Advanced Settings
There are no documentation on this Radio so if anyone knows/finds out how to do other things please contact me and I will add it to the guide.

If anyone has anything to add please reply to this thread and I will add it to the guide.
Last Edit: 30th Nov 2015 by jayman
Joined: 7th Mar 2014
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30th Nov 2015

How come we are using 152 instead of the 148? I might be wrong but i thought the 148 was a standard radio for nato forces, correct me if im wrong though.

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Joined: 10th Aug 2013
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30th Nov 2015

Joined: 4th Aug 2013
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30th Nov 2015

Does ACRE2 have the voice drop off settings like it used to in A2 ACRE? I.e. to whisper and talk to someone next to you, you'd have to whisper, and if you wanted to talk to someone at the end of the hangar, you'd have to physically shout in your mic?

Please say yes...

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1st Dec 2015

Unfortunently it does not. Holding tab it gives you a slider and you can increase or decrease your "shouting" that way
Joined: 9th Dec 2013
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5th Dec 2015

Why did you switched to ACRE2 insted of using TFAR?
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 734
5th Dec 2015

It creates a much more realistic radio environment
Forum » Information and Rules » Technical Difficulties and Solutions
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