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Billboards - What would you like to see?
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Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
24th Oct 2017

Currently remaking the signs/billboards on the public server as pretty much all of them are outdated, poorly made, and so on. 

Below are the new boards and also the updated splash screen you'll get when loading into the server.
Each map depending on the elements present will have different boards to accurately represent correct information, check the two radio board images below for reference, one is Kunduz, one is Reshmaan.

Please use this thread to tell me if there's any boards you'd like to see and then if Hobbs approves (He approves these btw) i'll make them.
I was thinking of making a sign(s) that lists which Helo's can lift what, very helpful, saves alot of time and pain quite literally 

I've also added a before and after video too

Will be used for Public and OPs
- Splash screen 

I've named it equipment spawner to close represent what it does. 
Seeing as it spawns statics & ammo it makes more sense
- Ammo box spawner

Radio channels will vary now! Cool right? Not necessarily the same each map depending on how many elements there are. 
- Kunduz Radio Channels

- Reshmaan Radio Channels

Last Edit: 24th Oct 2017 by TheLocalPub
Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1389
24th Oct 2017

These have been redone for the rewrite, they can be found here: ... ns/twc_ui/insurgency

For example.

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
24th Oct 2017

These were made for the mean time and could be carried over to the new Insurgency if need be.
The one you posted lacks definition, i.e BAF or US pilot and the other things like EOD, etc.

The ones I made can be uploaded by tonight for use.

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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What's the error say?
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I am here with jayman in ts, but he seams to be afk.
[TWC] Vieira 23:41
hey, i am trying to join the public, and an error keeps poping up. Can anyone help?
[TWC] Bosenator 22:13
Poppin' in now
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i will come
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[TWC] Fro 22nd Mar
count me in
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Mar
for public tonight we're going to try something a little different. Joining time is a siege from 1930 to about 2000, then it's a special mission that needs high numbers
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£8.50, bargin
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A bunch of stuff is on sale, including 66% off Apex - ... /products/arma3-apex
[TWC] Aleyboy 21st Mar
I’ll join if I’ve finished work
[TWC] namioo 21st Mar
am gonna join
[TWC] Mr T 21st Mar
I'm up for a bit of public later!
[TWC] freez 21st Mar
[TWC] Hobbs 21st Mar
public tonight, new domination at 1930
[TWC] JEFRO 21st Mar
na i aint got my big boy pants on today
[TWC] namioo 21st Mar
Can we change the name of our unit to The Big Boy Crew?
[TWC] Rik 20th Mar
Arma has and will always be full of giant bugs.
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now we just need big ass bugs
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