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[BUG] Stuck Radio Channel
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 491
15th Apr 2016

AO Name : Takistan Insurgency
If not at the AO the exact location in base/towns: N/A
Time : 15/04/16
Expected behaviour: Radio channel is preserved between respawns.
Actual behaviour: Radio channel gets stuck on Frequency 1.
Additional information: This was as Bravo Medic. Dropping radio and picking it back up seemed to resolve the issue.
Joined: 3rd Oct 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 89
15th Apr 2016

Additional related bug: Caps Lock (default key) to activate radio sometimes will bug too and you are unable to use.
Temporary fix: Drop and pick the radio.

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Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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[TWC] Hobbs 19:44
joining public now
[TWC] Chaza 15:12
in hindsight, that was badly worded... Will wait for Rik
[TWC] Chaza 15:06
always a pain when we have the good vehicles such as the foxhound etc, but they are very unrealistic fr4om a platoon sgt point of view etc
[TWC] Hobbs 14:32
No, test period first then it's up to Rik
[TWC] Chaza 14:04
Hobbs, is that ammo system makinf its way to the ops repo?
[TWC] Hobbs 12:52
pub tonight
[TWC] Hobbs 18th Jan
pub time
[TWC] Joery 18th Jan
me to, i am just on the camping
[TWC] Hobbs 18th Jan
I'm going on pub in 30 mins
[TWC] Chaza 18th Jan
Please do the needful ^
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 18th Jan
Let me help you get up my good man
Mac 18th Jan
I'm down
[TWC] Hobbs 18th Jan
friday night public tonight
[TWC] Hobbs 17th Jan
pub time
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 17th Jan
god i need a couple shots now
[TWC] Hobbs 17th Jan
Tit, also don't forget the AT contest is tonight
[TWC] Sarge 17th Jan
Could do with a pint yeah
[TWC] Hobbs 17th Jan
Pub tonight?
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