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[DISCUSSION] Mapping clear areas;
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Joined: 3rd Jan 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 640
4th Oct 2015

Due to the nature of the public server, information cannot always be passed to the next wave of players so it's common to clear compunds that have already been Checked.
The most common solution used by players who have witnessed the development of the mission is to place global markes on cleared compunds with a legend drawn at the start: the problem is that it's not an official method and there is a remote possibility of exploitation; luckily this is a gentleman community like the internet in the early 80s so nobody is making us look like ShackRealTimeMarkersTac.

Does anybody have a better mapping method? Should we Officialize this one and pass it down?

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"We were able to reinforce the reinforcements that were unable to reinforce us."

Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
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4th Oct 2015

i dunno about better but an idea would be for markers / cleared zones to pop up on the map "automatically" once an area of buildings was cleared.... if that possible ?


750m marker appears from intel
go clear camp maxwell - find no cash - small green circle appears round compund when left.

a 2nd idea..
have a "notepad / notice board" at base that people / squad leaders could look at and read.

notepad updates stating what compounds have been cleared "automaticly"

-camp maxwell cleared
-firing range cleared

ect ect its the same idea just minus the markers and map useage....??

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Joined: 31st May 2013
Rank: Member
Likes 1329
5th Oct 2015

How about as per the "Original" TWC, and have red grids if not clear, that goes green automatically if cleared?

Bit gamey but it is the public so...

Arma Pacis Fulcra - Armed Strength for Peace

Joined: 3rd Jan 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 640
25th Dec 2015

BUMP since we moved to zargabad and now the issue is even bigger:

We keep stumbling in already closed doors and civillians who have already been questioned, and who knows how many doors actually open because people forget or don't even know about the process.

So i suggest to hardcode this this little legend on the map:

GREEN CIRCLE WITH X(stadard marker) = Settlement clear, only for the outskits
GEEN DOT =  Compund clear
CLOSED DOOR = Compound clear
BLUE ARROW = Path clear (At least at every junction, last one is where you arrived)
HANDCUFFED CIVILLIAN = Already questioned.

"The truth will win out." president Novak, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

"We were able to reinforce the reinforcements that were unable to reinforce us."

Last Edit: 25th Dec 2015 by Squid
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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