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Insurgency Maps
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Which map would you like to see insurgency on?


Joined: 10th Aug 2013
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3rd Apr 2016

With the "mostly" completion of Insurgency Plus we are now going to add all the mods back. This also includes the maps, but we are only going to get to pick one. Please only choose one, but if you have another map to add please commend and I will add it to the poll.

You may choose to add maps outside of Cup Terrains.

We will also be having another poll in a few days to decide our delta dolphins. (Or I guess echo now)
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Joined: 9th Sep 2013
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3rd Apr 2016


A very large, high quality map that was built with the theme of an alternative Afghanistan 

• Location: somewhere near Takistan
• 416 km²
• desert style terrain
• agricultural and mountainous terrain
• 1 River
• 3 Airports
• 1 capital city
• 4 large cities
• 40+ villages
• some coal mines

We played this map back in A2 on the Saturday and my god I never could get enough of it. The sheer amount of different situations that happened on this map and events that made it all that little bit more memorable still echo to me till this very day.

This map was built with pure love & skill from the dev and I'm still yet to find a single bug with it to date.

Here's a video from the dev himself just showcasing the map a little. 

Here's a print out of the map on someone's wall - Rather large

Last Edit: 3rd Apr 2016 by TheLocalPub
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[TWC] Fro 22nd Mar
count me in
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Mar
for public tonight we're going to try something a little different. Joining time is a siege from 1930 to about 2000, then it's a special mission that needs high numbers
[TWC] Bosenator 22nd Mar
£8.50, bargin
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A bunch of stuff is on sale, including 66% off Apex - ... /products/arma3-apex
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I’ll join if I’ve finished work
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am gonna join
[TWC] Mr T 21st Mar
I'm up for a bit of public later!
[TWC] freez 21st Mar
[TWC] Hobbs 21st Mar
public tonight, new domination at 1930
[TWC] JEFRO 21st Mar
na i aint got my big boy pants on today
[TWC] namioo 21st Mar
Can we change the name of our unit to The Big Boy Crew?
[TWC] Rik 20th Mar
Arma has and will always be full of giant bugs.
[TWC] Patty Evans 20th Mar
now we just need big ass bugs
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