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MERT improvements amongst other things
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Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1851
3rd Aug 2016

Just a list of small improvements that I think will improve gameplay on Insurgency:

  • MERT set as surgeon level, they're highly trained medics IRL, they should administer aid much faster than section level medics.
  • MERT can occupy Merlin CoPilot for Searchlight Duty.
  • MERT death improves enemy morale a fair bit more than regular infantry - it's a prized kill for insurgents.
  • Body bags brought back to base should decrease enemy morale, as they lost the potential to parade around a body to show and recruit fellow potentials. 
Small bugs:
  • Clear the items that pre-spawn on the Merlin.
  • MERT/Medic don't spawn with a PAK on them.
  • Radios weren't interactable on initial spawn. 
  • Items were despawning way too fast at base, couldn't trade radios. Is this intended?
  • Is it possible to list the reason why someone can't take a certain slot, like not enough play time for Civs?

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 727
3rd Aug 2016

I don't know what paddock plans to add or change, but I can speak on this:
  • Items were despawning way too fast at base, couldn't trade radios. Is this intended?
This is intended. It keeps the base 100% clean all of the time. If you need to pass gear you can use a vehicle, or a crate.
Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 491
3rd Aug 2016

Couple things to add from me:
  • Medical vehicles to spawn stocked with medical equipment.
  • MERT medic is not able to administer blood/saline or PAK (MERT lead can). Note, that this appears to be the case for ALL medics (e.g. Alpha Medic etc). I believe this may be because they do not have the medic/surgeon role. I base this on the fact that when checking pulse/blood pressure, they only receive basic information, e.g. Low/Normal/High as opposed to numbers.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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