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Pub suggestions 30/09/17
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
30th Sep 2017

In relation to this for number one
Quote 2: Distance from base. When the civilian trust is good (or better), the civilian population will flock to your base and move away from the outer reaches of the map. However, when the civilian trust is bad they will move away from your base and be found more commonly in the same areas as insurgents. This feature is very much WIP at the moment as the math behind it is a bit fickle.
1. While it would make sense that the less trust Civ's have in an Armed force they'd wanna be further away, in real life that may not be 100% possible. 
Not all people can pack up and just leave, go somewhere and have another home.
I'd like to suggest that while civilian trust is low we'll find larger amounts of them further away but they'll be unwilling to to give intel, while we'll find lower numbers closer to base but those ones are more willing. 
Now in regards to what I said above. Not everyone can pack up and leave.
For that I'd like to suggest that when it comes to what amount of numbers are where and how willing they are there should be a random factor I.E

<within 2k of base while average civ trust.
50% willing / 50% unwilling

>Over 2k of base while average civ trust.
40% willing / 60% unwilling

So not only if civ trust was lower would we see more flock away from the base but they'd also be more overall unwilling. That being with low civ trust even tho the number of overall people closer to base they there should still be a factor of them being unwilling due to the simulation of people not just being able to pack up and leave due to that place being their everything.

My example and wording of the understanding is harder to type the say.

2. Clothing spawns.

You know those's guys who can't fit into Alpha so they go Bravo? Yeah them... We want them to wear our shit.
Please just like how we've got the Ammo spawning crate for Vic's, please can we have on at the ammo box that allows us to spawn either a complete loadout of the chosen choice.

Scroll on the sign 

Automatic Rifleman
Machine Gunner

You choose which one you want, a crate spawns and it had the require Uniform, armour/webbing, daysack, helmet, NV's, weapon, and all other equipment that role needs.
(Adjust it so there's a decent amount of ammo in the create, and so it had a 1min timer before spawn or so)

3.  Sniper team player limit

We've got it so the sniper can't join without a spotter. Now can we have a sniper team player limit.

If it currently has one then it way to low.
We had half a section (Whole server) few days ago and two people managed to spawn in. 

4. Can't join without command element

We had it in Arma 2 where you couldn't join as any other role till there was a IC/Squad leader of the Section/Squad.

We need this back. 
We constantly get people dodging command roles, sitting around, and always expecting the same people to take it. 
Same people dodging the roles, same people taking the roles.

Not only would this allow for a solid command element to actually be online for when people join that section, but it would always create more overall organisation due to there actually well.. being a command element, encourage people to take the role in an odd sense due to nobody being able to play until someone takes it, and also stop lone wolfers who join other section (Looking at that fucking Bravo marksman slot), and hopefully ease on those command role dodgers. 

I'd like to push to suggestion out to the 2IC as well.
We had it as IC needed to be on first for others to join in A2. To ease the burden abit i'd like to see it as EITHER IC or 2IC needs to be online.

This will yet again encourage people to take a command role because if their one of these people who's not fond of it due to no experience, new, or lacks confidence, least they can know their in the 2IC role so soon enough IC will join and then guide them. 

5. Long range radios for 2IC/FTL

This needs to happens. Why hasn't this actually happened sooner? Legit question, please answer.

No radio Vic at base and a lack of range on the PRR-343. 
Slows down the pace of the session massively and is just overall needed especially considering we ain't got that long range vic. 

(Most 2IC's , definitely in the RAC have Long range PRC-356 radios or as we use the 117 which is the same, not sure about inf but most of the time they do have 2 per section I believe)

6. More use of signs. 

Feel like we could maybe get more out of the signs.
One I feel we need is a sign next to each individual helicopter and plane stating what it can and can't slingload.

We've had massive issues of the rope bugging out and just making the heli explode due to it being Arma'd because that one type of vic can't be sling loaded by that one type of heli.

Maybe a sign next to said Air element that lists what can be lifted and a little not at the bottom say
"Anything not listed can't be lifted"
Could have the number of seats av liable to passengers too? Good idea. Quick way of determining which transport to use. 

Really really minor thing but will make a world of difference. 
Save so much time, and stupid getting Arma'd moment with helicopters blowing up at base.

7. Make base feel like home?

- For all maps.

I dunno if it's just me but I feel like all the bases kinda lack abit. 
Not sure if it's the sheer amount of open ground or out of place objects (Looking at you Reshmaan ammo crate) but the bases feel lacking. 
This is mean't to be home, can we add a little military esk detail?

Best base so far is Takistan.
Like the lowest priority suggestion but never the less Hobbs

8. Increase Reshmaan cache count

3>4 ty 

Joined: 8th Oct 2013
Rank: Member
Likes 109
30th Sep 2017

In regard to number 8:

I think I remember you or someone else recently suggesting that we lower the number of caches to 2 to make for a more timely session - "as people get frustrated looking for the last one." I think was part of it, either way I wanted to expand on it a little.

What about couple this with the suggestion of a vote half way through a mission to change map and have different maps with different numbers of caches. Therefore you get a scale on the length of the scenario. Example: for a long game we know Reshmaan has 4, for a shorter session you choose Kundunz with 2 caches.
Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 1022
30th Sep 2017

not too keen on the clothing spawns geeez , i would just say deal with it....

the rest is cool and a pretty standard expectation ....

also i dunno about the 2ic having long range ..but hey as long as it dont effect operations and players think this is "the way" ...then im cool lol

edit / request :

do i dare suggest to remove zeus , and actually make it a fair pvp / tvt situation ? or aint u lot ready for that yet and only like managament to smash ya... lmfao (maybe some slots like we had before ?)

Signature Picture

"magical realism is defined as what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe"

"doing the average thing - will get you the average results"

"its turns out that common sence - isnt that common"

Last Edit: 30th Sep 2017 by JEFRO
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
30th Sep 2017

@fro wasn't me who suggested that. I'd like to see the number increased on Reshmaan due to the size of the map and how easy it acutally is at the moment to get all caches even without intel.

@jefro why you against the clothing and loadout?
Just makes people look more the part really.

And also long range radios are needed for 2ic.
For an OP it's different cause you die and that's it, meaning someone's gotta pick it up one way or another. But in public you are constantly respawning and needing to get out there.

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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