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Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
22nd Oct 2017

Last night I played as a Rifleman. 
While taking point and clearing buildings very rapidly under very heavy contact, I choose to "Fight light".
I removed my Javelin, CLU, "Bergen" which is actually just a 60L backpack so not really a bergen of sorts. 

Later on in the mission our 2IC was given a proper bergen so he could carry basically our whole lives in there.

My propose is that I'd like to possibly see a separate box at spawn or in each individual load-outs there would be numerous types of backpacks which could allow for different load carrying.
I would just be nice to see abit of extra customisation for peoples load-outs which can be adjusted according to the length and threat level of the mission.

A small thing to think of. 

Last Edit: 22nd Oct 2017 by TheLocalPub
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 660
22nd Oct 2017

So last night I figured I'd see how the bergen XL was utilised to see if it was viable at all in practice, so I spent 5-10 minutes sifting through them to find the right one. I'm not going to do that every time someone drops their backpack for a little bit of extra stamina and can't be arsed to spend a minute or two reslotting once they get back to base.

However, what I can do is provide a couple of 3cb bergens to general infantry in their main ammo box, so that people that drop them and don't pick them up again at least can get a fresh one when they get back to base. I'll be doing this within the next week.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane. ... xc.jpg
Pity Me.

Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
22nd Oct 2017

Sounds good!

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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Condoxy 20:36
anyone about for public
[TWC] Hobbs 19:30
public starting
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 17th Jun
oooooooooo, a banner!
[TWC] freez 16th Jun
Maybe be 5 min late
[TWC] Rik 16th Jun
If you sign up as commander now, you can still submit a cool flag
[TWC] Bosenator 16th Jun
Appalling too.
[TWC] Bosenator 16th Jun
It's worth voting too. Appauling number today.
[TWC] Harry 16th Jun
but not worth the price so recommend getting it while it is free
[TWC] Harry 16th Jun
good game
[TWC] Harry 16th Jun
shame i paid for it
[TWC] Ghostie3k 16th Jun
For anyone intrested, For Honor is given out for free on Uplay right now during E3.
Spicy 16th Jun
[TWC] Rik 16th Jun
If you need any help feel free to pop on ts Make sure you get them mods installed in time!
Spicy 16th Jun
[TWC] Rik 16th Jun
Hey Spciy, you don't really need the training for tonight, since we're doing an armoured op, feel free to sign up on the rolesheet :
Spicy 16th Jun
Hello. can anyone maybe do my bct before the operation perhaps?
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 15th Jun
Will be on a bit later myself
Theo Papas 15th Jun
Theo Papas 15th Jun
me and Condozy in public rn if anyone wants to join
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