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Public server improvements v1
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion Locked
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
6th Mar 2017

Afternoon Gents
Last night I spent about an hour making this thread only for me to CTRL+W 

The purpose of this thread is to convey peoples ideas/suggestions/concerns from over the community into one easy to manage updated thread which is related to the public server for changes we'd like to see.

At the current rate the public server has an average of 8-12 people at most on at any one given time usually around 6-10PM-ish, with it being the same regular people on every single time and then the odd uncommon person, and finally the other 90% of the community who don't ever show up.
I can easily write a list of the regular people on the public, followed by the uncommon's.

I - And I presume others too - would like to hear everyone's views & opinions on the public but I'd like to make a personal request that people like myself and other regulars who attend the public server often, their word is specifically listened to for the main sake that they're currently aware of the state the overall server and each mission, and secondly because it's such a small proportion of people who actually play it would be nice to pay attention to their word to almost show a 'Thank you' for playing unlike the rest.

So here's a few of mine.


Obsolete/Irreverent/Out-Dated Mission

At the end of a map we get pushed to a mission selection screen in which we can well.. Choose a mission.
The problem with this screen is that there's so many missions that are completely out-dated or outright broken that there's been plenty of times in which people have selected these and we can't rotate without getting management on the server.

I'm suggesting we keep and remove the following from the mission pool to only allow for cleaner management on the back-end but also to stop these problems happening at the end of a mission.

Reshmaan Insurgency - Keep                                                                 Priorty level
Takistan Insurgency - Keep                                                            1. Reshmaan Insurgency
Kundaz  Insurgency - Remove                                                        2. Takistan Insurgency
Altis/Stratis Insurgency - Remove                                                   3. All Domi's in spare time

Cherno domiKeep
Taki domi Keep
Altis/Stratis domiKeep

Flashpoint Remove

Anything other than the above - Remove

As I and many others see it Reshmaan is our main mission. It's enjoyed the most by those who play, it's the biggest and overall funnest map, most currently updated mission, allows for the most playtime due to the size, and also allows for most development due to it's nature.

I'd like to keep it this way and see Reshmaan the main focus of development, follow by Takistan Insurgency, and finally followed by all the Domi's.

My current stand point with Insurgency and Domination is the fact we only have 8-12 people at the most... So Insurgency is more manageable for the amount of active players we have compared to domi which is partly out-dated and also in terms of development; quite stagnant.
Domination in it's current form I can't see how you could do a great deal more with it unless you ripped alot out and then re-plastered it.
What also made Domination so good in Arma 2 was the sheer number of 40-50 people each night in which there was proper communication and a decently high level of knowledge/skill compared to now.

So as stated above that is my reasoning for believing in the priority of development for each mission.

As I've previously mentioned Reshmaan should be our main focus so all the following are being mentioned from a Reshmaan standpoint but could be implemented on other missions too.

Trust & Moral system

It's fucked.... Please fix. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Trust & Moral is always the worst both can be upon starting.
  2. Intel is just as easy to get to no matter what TRUST level it stands at.
  3. Enemy MORAL status doesn't seem to have any noticeable affect what so ever. 
  4. Both statuses never change no matter what you do.

Upon starting the mission I'm totally fine with seeing Bad civvy trust and good enemy Moral (Good for them not us)
as it sets the scene for a western force first setting foot in a foreign country with a population that's been riddled with century's of war and are now wearily of outsiders. But what I wanna see is the statues actually change.

The more enemy we kill, caches we destroy, and so on makes their moral get worse meaning they do random counter attacks less often, with less people, more limited weaponry, and will increase civvy trust at the same time meaning we'd see more civvy life around Reshmaan and a populous more incline to help with giving better intel.

IF the system get's mended we'd all like to see extra things around the map that can help break enemy Moral and/or increase civvy trust.
At the same time tho these missions or extra things if failed could possibility work against us and make enemy moral better and civvy trust worst.

Civilian life

We strive for immersion here at TWC and civilian life can assist in that.

I and so many others who play regularly would like to see Reshmaan come alive, not just a baron desert.
City's like the capital of Reshmaan should logically have alot more civvy life then a small hamlet in the corner of the map, but it's currently the complete opposite.

A market area should be populated - Maybe only a certain times of day in-game a market would be populated. Even if you have to just make them stand there not capable of moving... It's better then nothing

Vehicles driving around towns and along roads. Not necessarily to a set destination but also at the same time you could have some that choose certain places to drives to while the others just drive aimlessly along the roads. 

Please add more. 

Cache hunting & Intel

The meta for finding a cache at the current time in Insurgency is
1. Find 1-3 civs.
2. Get either 250M marker while we have the worst trust ever or a 2000M maker
3. Drive aimlessly around that marker till engaged by contact
4. Cache located.

This shit needs to change. There shouldn't be a set meta for cache hunting in a realism environment.
Intel gathering upon being given a marker (Any marker I.E.D, AA, Or Cahce) needs to be based around the Civvy trust level.
Each level of trust needs to adjust the three following elements when questioning. 

1. Chance rate/Roll rate of successfully gaining any type of marker when questioning.
2. The quality of the marker (The distance)
3. The frequency of how often you are given markers. 

Each level of trust should or could limit the maximum ranged markers given.
Example: If civvy trust is the worst it can be, when you finally get a marker it will be no better then 4000m 
If you are at the best trust level you can get anything from 250m to maximum range.
The base chance factor of getting better markers is increased overall as well upon questioning civs and also how often X/10 will give you a marker increases too.

- I hope that made sense.


Not much to add to this section apart from it would be nice to maybe see better and smarter placement being developed.

Also the amount will change depending on enemy moral too.
Maybe different types instead of just the "Go near and die" type - If possible plox

Would be nice to finally have people paying attention to the road.



Not all towns should be filled to the brim with 3 enemy sections, but nor should a whole town be empty.
That's not to say some towns shouldn't be empty or filled with enemy sections only as it could represent an abandoned town or an enemy stronghold but it would be nice to see abit of randomness. 

Relating back to Civilian life.... If you were to add more life to a capital city for instance then I'm sure to a certain degree someone in that city could be a enemy combatant.
Why not have the possibility of having 1, 2 , or 3 randomly placed hostiles somewhere in that city or a town.
- Towns could be completely empty apart from 1 odd contact, it add's to realism and extra stuff you be aware/pay attention to while about the region.

Random counter-attacks, not just when you've drove over an I.E.D you are attacked by an enemy section instantly from 10 meters away as you see them spawn.
There's no reason everytime you are hit be an I.E.D you would be attacked at all or instantly, they may never come or it could be delayed for certain amount.
  This would not only keep you on edge while you're exposed repairing but it would keep things constantly fresh due to the sheer random chance.

Additions to mission

1. Drugs. 
I'd like to see the return of drugs which based H'dog added back in A2
It was a very small and simple idea which increased civvy trust ever so slightly, but here in our server I reckon it should effect enemy moral instead of civilian trust.

Simply find the "Drugs" which was a basket of rice back them, walk up to it, interact, chose the destroy option. 

2. Possibly of side-missions.
Make a handful of side missions that have a possibility of randomly spawning in which if complete can help decrease enemy moral and/or increase civvy trust.

If you the mission is a failure or takes to long to be complete (You enter a trigger and the timer begins) it could possibly increase enemy moral and/or lower civilian trust.

One I'd love to see if an I.E.D factory side-mission where if you manage to destroy it will remove X amount of I.E.D on the map or X amount of I.E.D's within a certain radius.

3. Single Loadout box
There's been many of times when we've all been in Alpha happy in our roles and then due to us being full the final man has to go another squad and looks extremely out of place with the wrong uniform, weaponry, and also radios.

I'd like to see a small sign section/squad lead only can go over to, scroll on and select a kit to spawn in a box, and depending on what Section/squad their in it will spawn the corresponding country's loadout in that box for the single person or selection of people to pick up.

The box can have a 30second life span before de-spawning as all the person would be needing to do in drop his kit in the box and pick up the spawned kit which should only take a few seconds and stop spam and litter around base. 

This helps ease everybodys OCD and just overall looks nicer + gives them a radio.

4. Update our community logo on the splash screen when loading into the server, we are still using the old one with the fucked eye.

Do whatever you want really.... I wouldn't mind with just being surprised with an update.

Maybe at the start a sign you can scroll on that adjusts the overall mission difficulty so if there's only one section it's still playable?

Additions to the thread


1. An in-game voting system to so users may choose which mission we want would be great and is something I forgot to list.
Maybe afew of the regular people I mentioned could be a trusted with a "panel" that requires a log-in?

2. Can someone please claim the server so we can check the states of people  

Last Edit: 7th Mar 2017 by TheLocalPub
Joined: 31st May 2013
Rank: Member
Likes 1319
6th Mar 2017

Nice informative post. I agree on all points (I posted about the enemy training camps before)

The only point I disagree on is removing Kunduz. It is a great, compact map that is more suited to lower player counts. When the player count rises through the day, the mission is quickly finished and it allows everyone to go to something new.

Also, the most common "I CBA anymore" and disconnect is when someone dies and they are far from their section and no helo is available. Kunduz rarely has this issue as people are always a short drive at worst.

A further critical step to improving player retention is to re-introduce with very clear signage, the Radio vehicle (which should be added in the next version of ACRE, currently in dev branch I think)

Arma Pacis Fulcra - Armed Strength for Peace

Last Edit: 6th Mar 2017 by Chaza
Joined: 28th Jan 2017
Rank: Public Player
Likes 7
6th Mar 2017

I feel the problem with Kunduz is that a section can't get 300 meters from the base without being contacted or blown up.. I mean yesterday night we just turned at the road leading out of base and lost two mastiffs before even reaching our first objective. This then means that it is difficult conducting any sort of plan with anything under one section.
Last Edit: 6th Mar 2017 by Gno
Joined: 27th Sep 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 209
6th Mar 2017

Without wanting to stray off topic, the ied's on kunduz are broken, and every single door on the map is not open-able.

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Joined: 12th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 10
6th Mar 2017

I use Ctrl-space to open the doors on Kunduz, But I agree with all the points made. Domi was always the Crowd pleaser on the old server. Often we would have 3-7 people clearing Zarggabad or something and when that was done the server would spike to 20-40 for Domi. I'd say focus on getting a Incur and Domi map up and running with the Pub server. Ignoring Domi is not a great Idea as that's where all the Great Action is and maybe on the side lets the guys blow off some fuck about steam with big guns so they can stay focused in Op. Plus it would get more Pub's in and Then we can have a full TWC Section show them whats up. Brings the guys closer together, But I think that that's not really an issue right now anyway.
Joined: 31st Jul 2013
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 154
6th Mar 2017

I agree very much with everything posted (especially Kunduz being deadly as hell, i feel the IED and enemy rate is higher than on the other Ins maps) and i'll just post some opinions/ideas/wishes/feels.

IED frequency:
I feel the high density of IEDs kills some 'mersion for me, slows down the flow of travel/patrols.
Currently traveling from A to B is one of either variants, which play like this:

Lead: "Okay, we're going to gather intel around Location B, we'll be taking two MRAPs, Charlie in the front, Delta in the second vehicle"

Situation1: The road has already been cleared, vehicles drive at maximum feasible speed, no events.

Situation2: The road is NOT clear, the convoy leaves base at ~50km/h, 200m after the first intersecion there's an IED, everybody dismounts, someone defuses the IED, Ambush [y/n?], remount and continue for ~60 seconds to the NEXT IED. repeat ad infinitum until either the driver hits one of the 679 IEDs between A and B OR you arrive B after disposing of an entire artillery battery wroth of ordnance.

With fewer IEDs you'd have to be alert for LONGER, keeping you on edge, like the building tension of a horror movie (opposed to jumpscare fests that try to scare you every 5 minutes). This would result in higher immersion (for me) and less tedious (for me) travel along roads.

IED variety:
Make hidden IEDs that are set off by a trigger, NOT by proximity, you can either defuse the IED or disable the trigger.

Example: A bunch of barrels containing explosives standing next to a truck by the road, one meter after that car lies a plank, some rubble, a piece of paper with a trigger attached. Moving over that trigger blows up the barrels.

Having a few objects that are NOT IEDs helps keep you on your toes.

While highly entertaining and morally justifiable, blowing up sandpeople gets boring after 5 years(jesus christ) of TWC. Have the missions set in africa or eastern europe, Isla Duala, L/D-ingor for example are perfect for eliminating a different shade of brown people, while being hueg and well designed

OPFOR Missions:
Plz bring back OPFOR missions, i miss playing as ruskies k thx bye

"The overwhelming majority of people who have ever fired a gun in anger were just pointing it in the general direction of the enemy and hoping for the best."

Joined: 28th Jan 2017
Rank: Public Player
Likes 7
6th Mar 2017

I also agree with WarZombie, bringing more depth and features into public i.e playing opfor would help bring alot more players to the server and be more enjoyable for the regulars
Last Edit: 6th Mar 2017 by Gno
Joined: 12th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 10
6th Mar 2017

One more thing, I think IED's (some of them) should be much more deadly. Pop a Humvee sorta thing. Right now they rarely kill or even injure anyone unless you walk onto them. I've him them in a Civi car and been alright.
Means they aren't that scary as the only thing they do is slow you down by killing all your tires and the 18 spares you brought.

Annnndddddd also Vote restart missions. Just to save Management the time of having to jump in and fix it. With the amount of Bug right now I think this one should be a high Priority.
Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1732
6th Mar 2017

I'll give my opinion on the issues you raised, in your chronological order. To try an maintain an easy and manageable post.

I feel that Adam is very good at listening to all bug and discussion threads. I don't understand why you feel like you're being ignored or mugged off? If you don't believe you're being ignored, and you want your word to have greater value than others, then I disagree. As the person with the second highest player time on the previous server, I would argue the opinion of those that don't play frequently should be listened to as much. Perhaps if the issues they raised were addressed, they'd be more likely to play.

Yes, I agree that broken missions should be taken out of rotation or at the least have them named with the last time they were updated.

I agree domination doesn't scale down well. Maybe we could include a recommended minimum player count in the name of the mission. I know there's a description.ext hard limit for a minimum player count, but that would cause other issues.

We're currently trying to debug an issue, and one of its symptoms is negatively impacting morale. Morale does indeed affect what you're suggesting (except for their load-outs and spawning civilians) but you're not feeling it because it currently is very difficult to affect. This same issue is affecting the initial civilian spawn. ChanNy posted a bug thread a little while ago showing one of the symptoms of this bug, where they all spawned in the dam. Adam was able to fix that issue, but there's still an underlying one - currently suspect is the CBA function itself.

I'd love to add sprawling market places, with the ambient sounds of one too. That's a great idea. I think I can find an animation loop, so they wouldn't stand like planks. Much like how civilians run around/hunker down scared now, when shooting breaks out near them.

Civilian trust affects the chance of success of getting a marker IIRC, but not the quality. That's a good alteration idea. I think it's more sensible than the current solution, and shouldn't take too much work to change.

Thanks to limited functionality from BI, we can't sadly get much better IED placement than what we currently have. IEDs spawning in over time is a feature that's tied in with the upcoming IED factory side mission previously talked about.

We previously had lower enemy counts. When we increased the number to its current level, the average player count increased.

Random counter attacks are currently set to happen on both a successful IED diffuse (lower chance) and unsuccessful (aka exploded), when a cache is destroyed, and when a crate is unloaded either from ACE cargo or the sling load. All these counter attacks include chance based on enemy morale.

Drugs would be a nice re-addition, I agree.

Side missions are in the work, do you remember the thread where Jayman asked for enemy stronghold compositions? We didn't have many submissions to that (found the link: http://www.thewreckingcre ... ement-thread-ulp/2). IED factories are in the work, as well as enemy training encampments, random mortar strikes on the base etc.

I don't understand how this singe loadout box works. A section leader spawns a box, interacts with it to set the section type, and another individual goes up to it and can change his gear to that section equipment? Seems reasonable. It would be nice to have another British section too, we have two US options and only one British, as a British orientated group.

Good eye.

Domination is requiring a major rethink, and it's probably going to be along the lines of an amalgamation with Flashpoint to resemble a more realistic symmetrical front line war. Key target objectives, with a semi-intelligent enemy AI commander that has limited resources, and best uses that to complete its objectives against us. It's a big design challenge.

Yes, it should be claimed.

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

Joined: 28th Jan 2017
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7th Mar 2017

That pretty much answers everything for me
Last Edit: 7th Mar 2017 by Gno
Joined: 16th Sep 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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7th Mar 2017

Good discussions points made and I look forward to the up and coming changes.

One question that is slightly off topic and I know has been talked about in other threads but is the use of the APEX map. I know we had a vote on it a while back and I'm not sure of the outcome.
I'm guessing if you're a Arma fan (and that must be most of us) we own this DLC and could surely be an option to use it every once in awhile.
If you're looking for immersion there's nothing quite like jungle warfare!
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
7th Mar 2017

@Bose summed alot up in one post. Thank you for that.
And yes the loadout box how to described it is how I'd like to see.

Sprawling market places with ambient sound and such is defiantly something that would be extremely cool to see, but even the simple placement of a few static AI around a market place would look better then nothing.

I'd definitely like to hear from each management, especially Adam.

Last Edit: 7th Mar 2017 by TheLocalPub
Joined: 4th Apr 2016
Rank: Public Player
Likes 286
7th Mar 2017

@Pub: there are threads about the ongoing works in the Public Server Announcment posts, that's where I share everything with you, plus I posted a few google drive links which are my trackers. I believe transparency wise everything is in front of you, and I'm not hiding anything.

IEDs: I'm not gonna do anything with that as I'm testing the burnes EOD mod which will replace it.

Maps: It's not a secret that I want to get rid of Kunduz, it's small and buggy. I'm currently looking for alternatives, and A2/A3 maps which we can use to have more variety

Missions: I agree we need to get rid of the not working ones. I'll purge them hopefully this week or next week.

Morale system/civilian trust: I know this is broken for a long time, but it needs at least a day or two without focusing on else to fix, probably to redesign it

Side-Missions: yes I've got a few ideas to these as well.

Besides fixing things I'm focusing on documenting what I do, like creating work instructions for the me to work more efficiently, and for the future Public Manager to have some kind of a documentation he/she will be able to use.

I understand your "struggle" but let's take a look at this from my perspective so we can have the full picture. I'm tired, and I might need a break, currently I'm sick as fuck as well. That's why I haven't implemented anything significant for the last couple of weeks. Unfortunatelly, the thing that I mostly receive written bitching about what's shit and what's not working all the time is not that motivating although I fixed a lot of things and I believe I added new features too. Besides TWC I have a job, and personal life as well, and tell you what, for the last couple of months I was sacrificing the personal life part for TWC, just sayin'...

However I'm still working on things and will work on as well, but I'd like to ask you to be patient, we don't have a magic wand that makes everything go away

“The Public Manager is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”

Joined: 12th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
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7th Mar 2017

Cheers Adam, I'd like to say Thanks for the hard work.
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
7th Mar 2017


I sense abit of passive aggressiveness in your post.
If you actually took a moment to read a constructive post for once in this community, you'll find this wasn't me demanding stuff and telling you to do it right now....
This was me make a thread in which I share idea id like to see and how I believe the place could be better and also allow for others to drop their ideas in one organised thread.

So please before you go off ranting about your life which I has literally nothing to do with me, the thread or community, stand back a moment and re think what the purpose of this post was/is.

- Disclaimer: I'm putting this here as clearly Rik and I presume others will have a problem too with my post.

Don't get me wrong if you have issues or things going on in life I fully understand but what I don't agree with is writing a reply implying I'm demanding these changes or ordering change and then uses your life as an excuse to defend something I never asked for anyway.
No offence was meant but yes my last part of the reply was very blunt.

Last Edit: 7th Mar 2017 by TheLocalPub
Joined: 19th Mar 2016
Rank: Member
Likes 9
7th Mar 2017

I never played Atlis Insurgency, but i like the map and i dont understand why it wouldnt be a good mission.
If we are tracking online time i would like an AFK timer.
Last Edit: 7th Mar 2017 by Tooit
Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Management
Likes 897
7th Mar 2017

The sheer brutality of that post is unbelievable, Forrest. Do you really think it is okay to speak to someone like that who actually puts more effort into this community than a couple of forum posts a month? Someone who doesn't ragequit operations halfway through? 

Not only are you insinuating that Adam doesn't read forum posts (if you would actually read some threads in the public board before making ridiculous accusations you would see Adam always responding with updates to bug reports quite quickly etc.) but you think this thread has for some reason a godly status where all suggestions are meant to go despite the fact that we have 2 entire public forum boards (bug reports and discussion) where people can make threads about improving the public server, a notion that long predates this thread. 

It is absolutely inconceivable to me how you can respond to a someone explaining why he's unable to help you with any of your suggestions at the moment because he's sick with a complete lack of empathy, instead detailing how you think that the absence of the public manager has no effect on the state of the public server. I seriously wonder whether you think about anything you type before you post it. Perhaps you reevaluate whether that post was a good response from an adult that should surely know better.  

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Surprise - Anschlusszeit

Joined: 4th Oct 2013
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7th Mar 2017

Please keep posts relative to the original post, this is going off subject and becoming very personal.

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"Faithful in Adversity"

Joined: 14th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
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9th Mar 2017

Just an FYI on ambient civs. There are very few animations that work in multiplayer. I tried adding some before with some success, but it is tricky. Also, you have to keep in mind that the more civs added the harder it is on the server. With that said, adding a few here and there shouldn't be an issue.
Joined: 8th Oct 2013
Rank: Member
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9th Mar 2017

A Long Time Ago........

in an old game called ARMA 2,

I wanted to create a persistent/dynamic and more importantly scale-able mission for TWC. Using ideas from Insurgency and Warfare (Don't know if anyone remembers that) We all agree that DOM only works with 5+

Anyway I started brain storming random ideas I know some of these DO NOT mesh with how we do things (friendly AI for one, and cash/points for two) but was an idea of making it scale-able at the cost of some realism. I thought I'd dump it hear to go through. A lot of this is 5 years old or so some of it I started changing with a plan to carry on in ARMA 3. - I put this in specially for CHAZA I know a lot of this is unrealistic.

I always felt that since some of these were a little out there I never submitted them as formal suggestions, but here they are rip them apart.

Features for Arma Mission:

[ ] - Dynamic/Persistant

[ ] - Economy - cash/points
- wage over time?
- bounties from killing
- money/points from clearing IEDs
- more from completing side missions (SM)

[ ] - Support - mortars/artillery from MB
- CAS heli
- evac/ travel heli/ CSAR
- gear drop

[ ] - Mission - destroy a number caches
- destroy enemy main base (cant just bomb it, may have civs) - way to move civs on? confirm clear call it in?
- Side Missions (SM) - jobs from civs? - What?
- downed drone DL Data/scuttle. (Gives location of insurgents/cache?)
- man road block for 30min
- Meat and Great

[ ] - FOB - starting pos
- basic armoury/ammo
- Humvee/Warrior

[ ] - Main Base (MB) - reinforcements from barracks - Afghan interpreter (needed to question any Civ and for the "Meat and Great" mission)
-Armorychange weapons
- hospital
- mortars/artillery
- static AA/AT guards
- vehicles - When air crashes it causes a CSAR, Respawns take time/money/points?
- evac/travel heli
- CAS heli
- Humvees/Warrior/MRAP
- apc?
- tanks?
- servicing
- POW camp
- convoy from main base down MSR to FOB and back.

[ ] - Insurgents - Main Base - spawns apcs and soft tops -
- patrols and guard numbers determined by popularity
- mortar stationary RPG teams
- static MG guards and MANPADs
- patrol randomly in civ vehicles - (How to determine if ordinary Insurgent or VBIED?)
- can steal vehicles
- high skill, moderate morale - can change??, low accuracy
- co-ordinators 4or5 (move around) - Staging positions co-ordinate attacks numbers mass
- only spawn indoors?
- can call help from around/vehicles from the base
- can surrender???
[ ] - IEDs - roadside
- command line - guy holding a radio/mobile phone
- Number of IED factories affect the amount of IEDs - over time/based on popularity
- vehicles
- suicide (VBIED - How to determine if ordinary Insurgent or VBIED? , Manborn IED - CatsDogs??)
- random trash

[ ] - Civs - Can turn - based on popularity ( graded level eg: LOW=25 Ins, MED=40, HIGH=60)
- cars
- popularity - based on any deaths by insurgents or BLUEFOR
- can be questioned for information (Recruiters, cache, IEDs)
- Afghan interpreter can be recruited by him approaching you after saving/doing something for them(needed to question any Civ and for the "Meat and Great" mission)

[ ] - Road blocks - Insurgent
- BLUFOR - man for extra points/money
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[TWC] Alex Macca 14:53
whos down for public?
[TWC] Dazzort 12:50
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
[TWC] Declan 21st Oct
Anyone for Public?
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
some people are on public now if u wanna join hop on
Proton 21st Oct
Afternoon. Happy to be here.
[TWC] Aleyboy 21st Oct
Ill be on public later
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
anyone down for public?
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
remember to vote
[TWC] Alex Macca 21st Oct
anyone up for a quick public session
[TWC] Raft 20th Oct
Excellent mission, thanks.
[TWC] Rik 20th Oct
We've always got space for one more If you want to attend, you should first apply with the big orange button, and in TWCSync you should make sure you have Operations & Trainings as well as @panthera_a3 from the Maps repo.
sirboes 20th Oct
are you guys still looking for sign ups for the op? I know i haven't played a lot one the public server, but I did do a couple of ops back in the A2 days
[TWC] Chaza 20th Oct
[TWC] Chaza 20th Oct
Buys, need some sign ups. OPeration looks sick from the map ive seen
[TWC] Alex Macca 19th Oct
we are on public now boys hop on when you guys can
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Oct
Yeah will do
[TWC] Alex Macca 19th Oct
public tonight guys
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Oct
Definitely, but I might be a little late to the party myself
Operation WRIGLEY
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