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Joined: 4th Aug 2013
Rank: Public Player
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26th Aug 2015

Ok, according to one guy who came on tonight, there's a slot open to public players called Royal Military Police (or something similar) which gives the player a white polo shirt and no weapon but a black 'undercover' SUV (or about as undercover as an SUV can be with a giant flashing blue light on top).

I have no idea what this slot is for, but it's available for players to access (and although nothing happened, this guy started asking me shit thinking it was Altis life. I told him otherwise, but the potential is there).

Dewch ymlaen, ddim ond y gorau ydy dda ddigon.

Bringing the pain since 2013!
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"Knows his stuff in general, a really sexy voice. Everything you need from an IC." TheLocalPub: 2017

Joined: 30th Mar 2014
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26th Aug 2015

I think FakeMatty left some stuff in that was helping him test some scripts.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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[TWC] Alex Macca 20:49
Who'shopping on public
[TWC] Björn 18th Oct
Dont forget to vote! :0
[TWC] Harry 18th Oct
and the can is just gas
[TWC] Fro 17th Oct
[TWC] LessThanDave 17th Oct
I'd say similar to trying to sign your name on a postage stamp, with spray paint, from 3 feet away. If the can of spray paint had 450 different buttons, all of which are unmarked
[TWC] Lukey 17th Oct
Can confirm.
[TWC] Bosenator 17th Oct
literally worse than hitler
[TWC] Lukey 17th Oct
On a scale from 1 - bad, how bad is it playing DCS with mouse and keyboard?
[TWC] Hobbs 16th Oct
pub time
[TWC] Dazzort 16th Oct
I would.
[TWC] Björn 16th Oct
[TWC] Alex Macca 16th Oct
if i was to make a exile server for us to pay when no one is on public or operations who would play? would like to know
[TWC] LessThanDave 15th Oct
[TWC] Bosenator 15th Oct
Ah forgot to update the thread, thanks for the reminder Dazz. Gimmie a PM for what you need, and I'll sort you out.
[TWC] Björn 15th Oct
Dont forget to vote!
[TWC] Dazzort 15th Oct
Is Timme active? Does anybody else train his subjects?
[TWC] Harry 14th Oct
When blufor are dangerously close but completely unaware
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Oct
Make sure to check your repos before tonight, maps included
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