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Snipers loadout
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
Joined: 17th Sep 2012
Rank: Management
Likes 282
4th Mar 2015

1- Currently The sniper cannot get m9 mags from the crate nor are they in his inventory.

2- Give the sniper some sort of vest to use to store ammo and smokes

It's not a retreat, it's a flank around the world.

Last Edit: 4th Mar 2015 by Sarge
Joined: 1st Aug 2014
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 301
4th Mar 2015

I believe the idea with the vest is that it also acts as armour plates and without it you lose the incentive to get too close as 1 round will drop you. you can still carry more than enough ammo and give some to your spotter as well though.

Although for some reason snipers also spawn with an RPG round in their backpack [or at least they did last night]

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Joined: 17th Sep 2012
Rank: Management
Likes 282
4th Mar 2015

Still have that rpg tonight at least.

It's not a retreat, it's a flank around the world.

Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
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4th Mar 2015

snipers dont carry military grade armour or vests only a guilie which is made of burlap, this is because this suit is extremely heavy anyway and reaches silly tempratures......and honestly they dont need that much room spotter carries most in his bag......tho i agree and confirm the other 2 ...

rpg remove from bag
add m9 ammo

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Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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