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Some Insurgency Ideas
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 594
20th Sep 2017

As i've heard that our public missions are getting reworked i figured I'd drop some ideas in that i feel could make the insurgency game mode more interesting. Im sure lots of these have already been thought about by hobbs but it cant hurt to write them down here.

  1. Enemies only seem to spawn as part of a squad and generally outside of villages, smaller pockets of resistance that spawn and stay within buildings would make Clearing much more interesting. Currently villages feel very empty and consequently safe, in reality the built up areas should create the most challenge. I feel that small unit patrols would also make the mission feel more alive.
  2. Do ambushes still exist? Setting of an IED should most of the time trigger some sort of ambush or response from the enemy.
  3. Mortars, if a unit is within a specific area for a length of time a few mortars within the general vicinity would be a cool thing to add
  4. Roadblocks/Obstacles, Blocking of certain roads/alleys etc with objects would make the mission feel more alive, and in general there should be some more clutter to make the map feel like it's actually a war torn country. Broken vehicles rubbish etc
  5. Moving the takistan base to the south, over the years we've played the north of takistan to death, moving the base to the south would be nice
  6. FOB, Creating a small base somewhere within the middle of both Takistan and Reshmaan would be a good idea, players at base could choose to be TP’d there. This would allow commanders to choose almost any part of the map to head to rather than facing the prospect of driving for 45 mins. Would also make gathering new joins and respawns much easier as well as resupply
  7. VBIEDs/Suicide bombers, doesn't really need explaining
  9. If there is only 1 player in the server he should be able to change the mission to what he likes as he is gonna be the one seeding the server, don't know if this is actually possible tho.
  10. Add a vehicle spawn point instead of just playing a set amount down
  11. 1 Life player insurgents, what happened to this? Some of my best memories on insurgency have been playing against player insurgents or as one
  12. Change from 3 caches to 2, this would be a more reasonable goal for people to complete within a session normally everyone burns out when it comes to finding the 3rd cache.
  13. An option the change the server from night to day, or day to night.
  14. Custom map fri/sun, i know we have some new maps now kunduz/resh but i still feel like a rare map only for a certain day or so would be a nice thing to add. Maybe an insurgency mission that isn't against ragheads but chechnyan rebels or something in a wooded environment

These are just things that i think would breathe some life into what is a very old mission template, I’d also like to say i really like what Hobbs has been doing with the public server and i hope he keeps it coming
Last Edit: 20th Sep 2017 by Twiggy
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 788
20th Sep 2017

So as you know I've been working on a few bits and bobs and a couple of these have cropped up. I'll answer each one in order:

1: Enemies spawning in set numbers annoys me and is fixed in the latest test update to Kunduz with a dynamic system based on several factors, which will serve as a test bed for the enhancement to be ported to other maps. This may already be in, the mission update process is somewhat out of my control and I don't get any notification when it happens. As for them spawning outside rather than inside this bugs me too, and I'm looking into ways to sort it by using different AI functions. This already happens when I'm on zeus because I have access to ACE's defence function rather than CBA's, but I need to access ace's function from script.

2: Yep they still exist, but the IED system is 50/50 at the moment and awaiting a more thorough check from Jayman. The reason this isn't instant is because he's working on the new map that has other main objectives apart from caches so it takes up more time.

3: It's likely possible, but anything more than a 10% chance and it would be a regular annoyance since it would happen multiple times a week. Something to look into, especially for public events.

4: This is more a map issue than something we can address, because the game lags out hard if we add stuff like that ourselves. It's also rather difficult with scripting, but blocked routes on events I will definitely start doing.

5: Much easier said than done. If I had 6 months to spare then maybe I could do it, but that's not the case for a 'would be nice' change. The underlying structure that puts it there is much more complex than I can deal with in any short scale of time.

6: On the way, with a logistic system to support it as well.

7: Happens in events, with normal play the AI can't really be trusted to do it correctly. In an event the players can scream their heads off for a civ to stop and then know that if they don't stop then they are a threat and potential suicide bomber, but with AI there's no reasoning there. Kinda the same thing with VBIED's, if it's coming at them fast with no intention of stopping then run like hell, but if it's an AI then they could just hit a rock/wall/whatever else they happen to mess up. It's something that is fairly common in events (and by events I mean the 3 times a week things we've got going currently), but unlikely to happens otherwise.

8: Dunno

9: Not without admin access unfortunately

10: There's not much benefit to this other than having to walk less to the garages, and even then the spawn point would be there anyway. There would still be a numbered and timed respawn system to prevent wastage, the only difference is that it would need to be on some sort of logging or ticket system behind the scenes.

11: You've been up against player insurgents for the past two weeks *makes spooky ghost sound effects*. Allowing open access to opfor is tricky because 1: players always act like players, there's no red flag/aggressor/operational attitude creed for them and 2: coding a respawn system for them would be a pain (gotta be close but can't respawn when close). I'm open to input on the respawn side though, I have no experience on coding that and everyone else is tied up so if someone whips up a system then I'm all ears for events and the like. Currently the blufor situation is that if I, as one player, let the claws out and went full on then entire sections would quickly get too frustrated to continue because they're not used to being punished for mistakes that they currently make, so many shots are intentionally missed and many insurgents just happen to run into daft places after giving effective fire. However on this front I think a test event would be handy where everyone involved knows what the stakes are and see how much that extra caution helps them. If they can hold their own against 1 person then it definitely opens up an avenue for wider usage in the future.

12: This is a very interesting point. I had never thought of the public missions as something that had to be completed in one night, and with the incoming changes to the morale system that make hearts and minds efforts more effective it might make this a very good idea.

13: You mean night to day and night to day again? Again it's currently only possible for admins and might be abused if open access was given to players. Perhaps in an ideal world there'd be some sort of ingame voting system where if a high percentage agrees then it does it, but players being able to change time of day whenever they want feels a bit gamey and there is always the option of contacting either me or bose, we've always changed it for them in the past when asked (or, I have, at least. Bose speaks for himself.)

14: If it was only friday or sunday then we'd need to remove it from the rotation for the rest of the week, which is not a task that gets done quickly or automatically. The alternative is that we just make a new map that is freely available, which is what is currently being done. Creating new insurgency missions isn't a quick process so restricting use for any of these isn't really viable (imagine if every weekly op took 6 months to make), but I'm interested in shorter missions that happen to be on other maps, potentially filling a seeding role and allowing people to practice tactics with shorter travel times and less bureaucracy. One for the future once the current situation is sorted out.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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