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[Suggestion] 2-3 fireteam section
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Joined: 16th Jun 2015
Rank: --
Likes 201
7th Aug 2015

Suggestion- Implement the standard section layout for insurgency Stratis rather than the 5 man fireteam layout.

Reason- Your to exposed just 5 people, you could put 2 people on OP however that makes the assualt team to week with a week OP team supporting them which results ultimately to death against an overwhelming insurgent force. What stops two teams IE Alpha and Bravo working together are the radio coms and chain of command. No leader on the long range will assume command, (why would you). The long range currently gives you a little bit of cohesiveness but its got its limitation due to the chain of command.

I understand Stratis is to some what replicate old Zargabad but with the open terrain and the viciousness of the combat you need that covering team and the ability to flank. At the minute if you hit contact you have 3 options, 
A) Hold firm and deal with it 
B) Pop smoke and run before more enemies (which will inevitably  come) 
C) Separate you team into a 3 and a 2 weakening the teams fire power

In my view A is just a death sentence, yesterday our team must of killed 70 or so guys in one spot at least, however no progress was made and we got flanked, in other words the enemy wont stop they join the fight in there thousends.

B is a viable option however it takes you back to A and C option once you find an alternate plan if your planning on making progress that is. 

C) You could compensate the lack of fire power in what would be the covering team with a vehicle (options being MK19 or M2) However your prone to RPG attacks, MK19 kills civilians but gets the job done, well actually it makes the job even worse, M2 (50 cal machine gun) doesn't have the fire power the MK19 has which ultimately as stated makes you prone to RPG attacks. 

Year i think to sought this out (insurgency as it stands now) you should have the standard section layout IE for Alpha 8 man 2 fireteams. I would argue there are two many enemies full stop, but i don't want to be the fun spoiler for some people im not that person to argue on that point though.

Now you have to plan more
More communication is needed
More responsibility for the section commander

Positives, when the player count is increased you can now effectively fight having more fire power making C the best option in most scenarios which the British section is for really, Charlie move delta cover. 

Ability to now move through a town knowing someones got you covered giving you more control when an enemy brigade attempts ambush you  

Just makes you overall more combat effective, i understand theres a mindset in the community that "you can get more done in small teams " and that's true, that's why spec opps operate in small teams, your more agile. Just a note though, a friend of mine was deployed in the Falklands in the late 90s patrols were conducted in teams of 5 around the island in order to monitor the surrounding areas and checking for anything suspicious and even building garden fences for the locals as stupid as that sounds, so i wont say "only spec opps are deployed in small teams" that's bullshit.  

Last Edit: 7th Aug 2015 by Kieran
Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 491
7th Aug 2015

This post probably needs to go in the Insurgency feedback thread but I feel it is also appropriate here.

I think the problems you make reference to are more to do with the Insurgency mission, rather than section layouts. I have been in the situation you describe (probably alongside you on multiple occasions ) so many times where the enemy just doesn't keep spawning. It becomes impossible to capture that location. You will just eventually die as the enemy spawn quicker than you can kill them. In situations like this, I am often inclined to just go find a cache somewhere else because there is just no incentive to capture that location anymore, when you can just go and get the same results somewhere else which is easier to capture.

Joined: 14th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 317
7th Aug 2015

Is this even a problem when enemy morale is low/terrible? Or is it at least manageable/doable?
Joined: 7th Mar 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 709
8th Aug 2015

I agree with what cal is saying, this is especially the case with agia marina and Girna

"I serve The wrecking crew."

Joined: 16th Jun 2015
Rank: --
Likes 201
8th Aug 2015

Your all correct, that's what I was getting at, for all this time insurgencys been out theres been a ridiculous amount of enemys, its not a problem un heard of, yet the positives of insurgency are mainly "i love the intense combat" ive mentioned it before but no one seems to agree, or has made any attempt to do so.
So im not going to look like the Grinch who stopped Christmas, so I made this suggestion because I no it would work to some extent.

Just so your aware Wired agia is impossible so is girna, but even if you go to places like the small military bases we end up being up against an overwhelming enemy. I generally don't no the moral.

This is my opinion 5 guys should be up against 3 guys at the most especially where the enemy have freedom of movement and arnt in fixed positions like they would be in domination, remember it isn't arma 2 AI where we could virtually take 8 guys out within minutes(the terrain doesn't allow it for most parts). Just small cells resisting now and then.

However without public support my suggestion is to implement the standard section layout in order for us to have some fire support and cover.
Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 491
8th Aug 2015

Hi Wired, to answer your question, I have not seen enemy morale that low myself recently, so unfortunately cannot answer that. Hopefully somebody else can shed some light on this though.

As Zurxo said, this behaviour does appear more prevalent with the "larger" cache locations. E.g. Agia Marina/Girna as above.

I will make a post on the Insurgency feedback thread with my experiences of the mission so far, as I do not want to derail from Kierans post regarding section layouts. I just wanted to make the point that I think the issues being described were not ones that I feel could be impacted by changing the section layouts.

Edit: Looks like Kieran just posted several minutes before me. I will leave this post as is though, as it still mostly makes sense.
Last Edit: 8th Aug 2015 by Cal
Joined: 14th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 317
8th Aug 2015

I just want to say that I have asked about enemy spawning being set up properly before, and I just end up getting answers along the lines of "There are a lot of enemies," which isn't specific and not very helpful in adjusting the way they are set up. I try to adjust accordingly, but obviously there is still a problem. I can appreciate peoples love of a huge amount of enemies. (Makes it feel more realistic, and/or just exciting) The thing is, though, that insurgency should not need the same amount of people as domination to complete. The whole point of it is that it starts with one or two people and slowly/quickly builds into the amount needed for domination. So, yes, changing the squad lay outs could help with the issue, but I'm looking for a good balance of time to spawn enemy squads so that it is a fair fight for a few people, but entertaining for a full server before it goes to domination.

If you guys want me to give you a better idea on how spawning works I can give more details. That way it would be easier for you guys to give me detailed feedback. I just don't want to post details if that would ruin anyone's immersion.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Discussion
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