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[Suggestion] Enemy Forces
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Joined: 24th Jan 2015
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7th Nov 2015

In the last days I've compiled a few complains of mine regarding the equipment and composition of the enemy force in Domination:

Uniform/Camouflage (Takistan)
I think everyone is kind of aware of this: The Enemy still uses the standard green EMR-Uniforms even in the mountains of Takistan. It may blend in every here but for the majority of the map it's just useless.
However RHS offers some solution to this. WHile not having the accurate digital camo pattern the russian military fields, it offers the "Mountain Les" Pattern for platecarriers and the "M88" and "Mountain Flora" for uniforms.
I suggest one uses the "Mountain Les" carriers with the "M88" Uniform, as the "Flora" and "Les" don't quite blend with each other and the "M88" beeing of greater use anyway.

Basically I'm fine with everything here except the enemies choice for IFVs. Instead of the standard issue BMP-3 or BMP-2 they use the BMD-1, which is only used by the VDV Airborne troops (and is beeing replaced by newer versions). I don't quite understand why this is, as the units in the AO aren't airborne troops (having BTRs and Tanks and Shilkas). The BMD is an impressive vehicle but it's armament is limited when compared to the BMP-3 which fields a 100mm cannon (with the capabilities to launch the "Bastion" ATGM), a 30mm autocanoon and a coaxial PKM as well as 2 Hull mounted PKMs
The BMD's 76mm cannon may produce an impressive explosion but while not do too much damage to a well spread out Infantry Section. The BMP however, with both it's cannons may do a considerable amount of damage to the infantry. It also provides way better anti armour capabilities with both cannons and it's ATGM (which reloads WAY faster than the BMDs).
Another change would be the used BTRs. I wanted to take a closer look at this but I believe we are still using the BTR-60 or 70, instead of the 80 or 80A, the former not beeing used anymore.
After having said this I'd welcome a bit of variety between Takistan and Chernarus. For example, as to simulate Takistan beeing a non-russian enemy, I'd be fine with using the "Chedaki" Camo BMDs (which fit the desert environment better anyway) as well as the outdated BTR-60/70s.

In terms of vehicles I basically want the enemy to be more capable. I generally have the problem that the enemy is a bit too weak. They hardly ever manage to push us back and a tactical retreat is something hardly ever heard of on the Public Server. The enemy should be able to dislodge us from a position if they take too many losses.
Another possibility here would be the usage of artillery by the enemy. The russian doctrine is all about artillery support hence why they have about as many selfpropelled artillery as they have tanks, so them not using any of this is quite weird. I'm not saying this should happen immediatly, that would just destroy any chance of winning, but taking out a whole AO from one hill should not be possible.

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Joined: 31st Jul 2013
Rank: Member
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7th Nov 2015

So good to know i'm not the only one bothered by all of the above, i fully agree with everything Saxon said.

"The overwhelming majority of people who have ever fired a gun in anger were just pointing it in the general direction of the enemy and hoping for the best."

Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Inactive Member
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7th Nov 2015

+1 defo...i dunno what u mean with the camo , but just assume it's desert for taki and woodland for cherno lol

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Joined: 3rd Oct 2015
Rank: Public Player
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7th Nov 2015

It is quiet spot on, For enemy forces that are digged in a position imo it's quiet easy to get an AO, The AO needs more things including enemy choppers and jets. I know that until now for balance reasons we didn't have enemy jets and choppers but imo we have the capabilities to take on those things either with a vehicle, a deployable static igla or with portable iglas.

Dynamic AI script is a powerful tool, It can have AI counter attack after we take the AO instead of instantly creating the next one (If i were the enemy i would want to counter attack and retake). Should have something like a 50% chance to happen.

Just a noob question here but whats the point on having an enemy with a radar? What does the radar do, In another version of missions i've sent to Jayman the antenna is a critical part in the AO, Because if you don't destroy the antenna fast the enemy will call in reinforcements.

Imo just like Saxon said all VDV vehicles should go from the main AO (let them be as reinforcements), Artillery should be used and air assets should be added too. We shouldn't be able to land too close to the AO this is NOT realistic at all, There is no way an enemy helo would ever land near my AO if i were a Russian.

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Last Edit: 7th Nov 2015 by Amok
Joined: 24th Aug 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 41
8th Nov 2015

Agree with likely Opfor use of Arty. They would wack us hard. But we have no ability to designate DFs or equivalent response at present. Can we have mortar pleeese

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Joined: 24th Jan 2015
Rank: Member
Likes 1314
9th Nov 2015

QuoteJust a noob question here but whats the point on having an enemy with a radar?
Well it's pretty much a carry-over from the Arma 2 days when we had a Radio-Tower. Hence why half the time people will still call it the Radio-Tower. However I do prefer the enemy having the radar instad of the Radio, it's just a bit more plausible. Ideally the enemy should have one of those command BMPs with the antenna but I don't think RHS has these yet.
I agree that it shoudl add some sort of advantage for the enemy and I guess the reinforcements can be justified in such a way that, while the enemy has a Radar they can be sure that the AO isn't swarmig with enemy fighters and thus decide to drop in reinforcements.

Snowball: "That was a textbook assault"
Cal: "What textbook are you fucking reading?"

"Will, you need to be more flexible especially when things start getting hard." - Jayman

Joined: 31st May 2013
Rank: Member
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10th Nov 2015

there is one of the GAZ's that can be deployed with masts and guy ropes, pretty cool actually...

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