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[Suggestion] Mobile Spawn points + other things
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Joined: 13th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
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23rd Jun 2015

A controversial title but the pressing issue is the reason for it rather than my suggested solution. 

With low player counts (3-8 people) its fairly common for no helicopter to be active. By not having a heli on people have to drive out to the AO which apparently takes more time than their patience can last. Tonight was a perfect example of people playing until they die then logging off but this is a fairly common occurrence. So the question is how do reduce the chance that people are going to log off after their death if no heli is present and the AO is far away? 

Much like Project Reality have a system where the section lead can place a 'mobile spawn point' on the map which can be represented by a suitable place holder. If possible a stationary vehicle that gets 'locked' once it gets turned into a spawn point but we can copy the PR version of a pile of bags if thats easier. I also think that the spawn point can only be located out of the AO circle to represent the person being driven in then dropped off on the edge of battle. The re spawned player can either choose from base or the mobile point. The base obviously having the option to grab more ammo and the mobile point not but being closer to the action. 

A controversial Idea and one that I fully expect to get thrown to wolves but as I said, I have pointed out a fairly important issue and I think it would be wise to address it. (Even if it is a firm rejection) Any further suggestions welcome. 

EDIT - I should add that this function would become locked out when a helicopter becomes operational / pilot slot filled


Whilst Im typing just a few other points that I'm sure you are aware of but thought would add

1 - Dead bodies at base 
2 - Ammo box glitches forcing player to repeatedly go back into its inventory after being thrown out. 
3 - Player kit resets after deaths and resets to the weirdest loadouts. 
4 - Alpha 2i/c does not have access to tracer ammo. (Also I believe Bravo fireteam leads also don't have access but can't confirm) 
5 - Is there an option for mixed ammo (ball and tracer) which would ideally be the more realistic option. 
6 - Flares for 40mm. Quite rare we get to use them but bloody useful when you have to. (Op Appeteni for example) 

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Last Edit: 23rd Jun 2015 by Whistler118
Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 594
23rd Jun 2015

Why not a similar system to the original arma 2 insurgency mission, whereby (at low player counts) you have the option to either spawn at base or on your squad leader.

Another way I have seen this issue adressed is by parajumping, sure its a bit "special" force like but on the 15th MEU domination missions you had the option to choose a location to parajump into.

But yeh, this problem needs to be addressed some how.
Joined: 2nd Jun 2013
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 154
23rd Jun 2015

IMO this is not the best solution to deal with this problem as it is very unrealistic.

My suggestion would be to have certain FOBs spawn on the map when certain AOs are activated.
The main base on the airfield will of course remain and a tp to the FOBs can be implemented.
After an AO is complete the FOB will despawn (and all players in it will be teleported to the main base or killed?)
The FOB will only spawn under certain conditions: player count and distance to AO being two of them.

This to me seems the only "fair" option.
Joined: 16th Jun 2015
Rank: --
Likes 201
23rd Jun 2015

QuoteSo the question is how do reduce the chance that people are going to log off after their death if no heli is present and the AO is far away? 
An understandable suggestion, I mean I love temporary quick fixes and all, however the underlined problem is your playing a high player count mission requiring 20+ in order for the server to be self sustaining keeping the player count consistent.

What should happen is now all the focus be put on the low player count missions in which you gather your server player base through out the day for the player count to be somewhat consistent in which you have the player count for your high player count mission.

Love the first glance of insurgency plus 3 btw!
Joined: 13th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 620
24th Jun 2015

DB - I would argue that would be more unrealistic. FOBs are the offshoot of unconventional warfare and if they are hesco, take days/weeks to build. My suggestion of using a vehicle aims to recreate the drive in but without having the drive in.

However, I see your point that a mobile point is too....gamey if not implemented correctly.

"You hit somebody with your fist and not with your fingers spread." - Hanz Guderian

Last Edit: 24th Jun 2015 by Whistler118
Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 1022
24th Jun 2015

the best way to combat it i believe is:

make sure there's a pilot present, by this i mean the same way you make sure you have a medic, if we dont have players playing that want to forfil that then people or person at said moment in time must step up, for the benifit of everyone in the long run

if people dont wanna fly or drive then there aint much we can do lol "teleport me to my body" lol, i dont think this will continue for long tho tonite was insurgencey , we played domintion so a rotation of gamemodes like insurgencey first then domination would prob mean this wont happen

also i will try to be a pilot as much as possible when im on

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Last Edit: 24th Jun 2015 by JEFRO
Joined: 14th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 317
24th Jun 2015

As for the low player count, that is what insurgency is for. It needs to be added so once the player count gets low enough it goes back to insurgency, which shouldn't be hard at all. The rest of what Whistler pointed out needs to be taken care of as well,although if I remember right the ball/tracer mix isn't possible unless we add some other mod.
Joined: 8th Apr 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 116
25th Jun 2015

i was about to write a similar post. 

Recently i have logged off a few times following my death. 
Firstly the life expectancy seems very low at the moment because of the balance between the player count and mission type. We can embrace or reject ideas based on their realism but the amount of casualties we sustain and the constant re-insertions are not realistic anyway. 
my view on this is the gameplay would be more realistic if we spent more time as a full squad. I think it may be time to think outiside the box on how to acheive this. We make plenty of realism/gameplay compromises already when you think about it:
-air transport in reality would bear no resemblance to what we currently do in an AO with that many threats. 

I think we need to strive towards an infantry milsim experience on the public. The ops are there for milsim level logistics. 
I would prefer to have a better and more realsitic experience with my squad at full strength in the AO, rather than struggle with my pitiful navigation skills to link up with whatever is left of the squad, which in reality would never occur anyway. 

to summarise I think a commitment to sim-level realsim in or around the AO is what is important here, and the constraints on logistics (no GPS , no waypoint, no FOB or whatever solution we find) in the name of realism is actually leading to less realism when it matters (Once deployed) 

I dont want to get into the insurgency debate, these points are concerning the current dominaion mission only.


Stay frosty guys, I expect a counter attack. Bnar: *sitting on static Russian AA" "they're welcome to counter attack me"

Joined: 16th Jun 2015
Rank: --
Likes 201
26th Jun 2015

QuoteI dont want to get into the insurgency debate, these points are concerning the current dominaion mission only.
The debates about people dying and the solution for it, regardless if you have a spawnpoint your still going to die due to the ratio of enemys to friendlies. To win you have to use unconventional tactics and what it is, is asymmetric warfare in which you are so outgunned its unreal oh and while your attacking, if you find that realistic well that's another debate, however ducktape as we all found out doesn't stop ships sinking and it really does come back to the big picture in terms of the mission your playing. I think suggestions like these are rarther pessimistic, I mean if the community goes down the semi realism path which it is doing slowly then go for it. 

An immersive public server is what you all want apparently, I would stop trying to turn the server into a run shoot die straight back and carry on. Sounds fun I guess, doing it wouldn't make the server stand out for the immersion though. Insurgencys only round the corner, so I don't see the argument relavent, if for whatever reason its now gone then idk.    
Joined: 8th Apr 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 116
26th Jun 2015

im 100% for insurgency Kieran , i agree with all of you points regarding the mission. 

what i meant by that is was only sharing my thoughts on Domination in that post  

Stay frosty guys, I expect a counter attack. Bnar: *sitting on static Russian AA" "they're welcome to counter attack me"

Joined: 12th Feb 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 1010
8th Jul 2015

This will not be happening as this is game and immersion breaking on so many levels.

The issue is not the mission but the player count and that is were the issue lies simple. 

Although Domination will be out of rotation for the next couple of days as management are going to update it with a few new things (A10 ,Sniper team etc) as well as  performance enhancements with new server side scripts. So hopefully when it returns it will have high player counts again.

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