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Where is Public Going
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Joined: 21st Oct 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 4
19th Aug 2017

Clevz here. Probably the least memorable member ever. I assure you however I was one of the most dedicated members just a couple years ago under the iron fist that was Heaney. Maybe that name is taboo now I don't know because its been a long time since I was a member of the community and that is why I am starting this thread to ask what happened after him.

What happened to public? Can it be brought back? This is what I am wondering as I have been drinking on a Friday night. I have no experience really with Arma 3 other than downloading the public and playing some crap servers that arent even related to what we try to do at TWC. My memories of public are grand and I think to myself anyone with the time would be crazy not to enjoy the good times, and great learning experience that was the public server.  Is the player base not large enough in Arma 3? Members not have enough time/ older member base? Was the hourly quota what kept the public going back in hard Heaney times? I figured after the super control that was the public back in the day that a relaxed atmosphere might help.
Joined: 9th Sep 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 902
19th Aug 2017

It's just not the same anymore Clevz.

When the group closed we failed to get started back up on Arma 3 quick enough. By the time we did alot of community's had already gathered up the lose people looking for Realism/Milsim groups that were going from A2 to A3
When we did get started the public was hardly developed too.

The public server missions are overall much-much better now then what they were a back when we started, but still not quick on par with Heany's missions.
His had a certain finesse to them.
Personally to me as much as I like Arma 3, it's just not Arma 2.

Not only that but back in Arma 2 alot of people were younger and being young you have more free time usually and not only they, but your money is limited so you stick to which games you've got.
Now people play everything.

It's sad to think the public gets most likely a total of 20 hours a month combined from all players worth of play time, and that's on a good months.
Overall it's not quite the same, people do other things, we are nowhere at the size or notoriety of what we used to be, and public doesn't to me personally feel like home anymore.

Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Member
Likes 482
19th Aug 2017

Hi clevz,

Unfortunately, the problem is primarily Arma 2 vs Arma 3. It is not something specific to TWC. Whilst TWC can control some things and endeavour to do so for the best experience, there is an elephant in the room...

Back in Arma 2, there was only 2 mods people required, ACE/ACRE. These were common across a lot of servers and so joining the public was little hassle for most people. Now, to get the same experience you need to mods consistent of many GB. This is not much of a barrier to members in TWC and returning members, as they are either already invested into the experience or are willing to invest into it. It does however pose a significant barrier to new members and certainly public players that just want to launch Arma and play. If you look at modless servers, such as 'Invade & Annex', you will see that they are much more popular. Sadly though, this sort of experience is not TWC ethos.

As it stands, there is still a lot of fun to be had on public and you will certainly get the same enjoyable experiences on TWC public today as you once did. It is just about getting on the server at the right time. These tend to be Friday evenings (GMT/EU). It is however worth keeping an eye on the chatbox/forums as to when people are going on public to maximise your chances.
Joined: 23rd Aug 2014
Rank: Public Player
Likes 32
4th Sep 2017

QuoteClevz here. Probably the least memorable member ever.
That title belongs to me actually.

I had my first op with you, it was some airborne op where the squad didn't even shoot at anything and it lasted around five hours. I also remember you and I destroying the mosque in Zargabad and killing loads of civvies. Good times my man :-D

If you see Fonzie please put him in the bin where he belongs. Respect your enviroment!

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i will try
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I'll hop on too after dinner
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If I don't melt away I will Aley
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Anyone for some more public tonight?
[TWC] Björn 19th Apr
I know, next week i will be there
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Public tonight same time?
[TWC] Hobbs 16th Apr
lets say 1900, we'll try the kunduz fixes too
[TWC] Aleyboy 16th Apr
What time we starting?
[TWC] Hobbs 16th Apr
public tonight, first run of the new interpreter
[TWC] Lukey 16th Apr
That's good Winter, nice to hear from you.
[TWC] Bosenator 16th Apr
hey winter
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