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Medical Training Update
Forum » Training » Training Discussion
Joined: 20th Jan 2013
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5th Jun 2017

I've made some adjustments to the medical system, and so the advice has been changed to reflect that. This is a notification of a course change for those who have taken CMT, as these changes aren't significant enough to warrant retraining.

CPR is now more effective at postponing the knock at deaths door. There is a chance of successful resuscitation, which is affected by how much blood they have, their stability, who is conducting the CPR and if there's epinephrine in their system.

When successfully resuscitated they will be in a bad shape and will require urgent medical attention, but they will be concious and able to move. If they aren't stabilised they may relapse back into unconsciousness.

As such, it's now recommended to give epinephrine when conducting CPR. This will increase the likelihood of successful resuscitation. This increase will decrease as the epinephrine wears off, and as such you should inject more as necessary. Be aware of overdosing the patient, the rate of which hasn't been changed. It still is not recommended to give epinephrine if you're not a medic.

The effectiveness of all bandages are still the same, however the speeds of application have been altered. QuikClot is faster to apply now, but still performs the worse. Therefore with good co-ordination a couple of people applying a QuikClot would be most effective. However, when bandaging by yourself following the table is still recommended. The application speed of elastic bandages has been made slower.

Morphine is now less effective in suppression. You may find yourself needing to give a patient a couple of sticks. As always, be aware of their vitals and overdosing.

These changes only apply to operations for the moment, but will make their way to public in the future.

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Forum » Training » Training Discussion
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