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Mission Making Workshop 06/03/2022
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Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Management
Likes 286
6th Apr

Hi all,

On request from Levi I will be running a basics of mission making in TWC session tonight at 1830 UK time. It should only be an hour and will cover the following:

- Concepting an op- era selection, map selection, real world or fictional conflict, objective selection.
- Basics of AI movement, patrols, stationary units, triggered counter attacks. Common mistakes.
- Basic TWC Framework modules, how to use them.
- Writing a briefing and submitting your operation
- Questions/ requests

Come along if you think it will benefit you if this is a success, I can run a more advanced version at a later date. Meet in Teamspeak and discord at 1825 if you are joining as I will be sharing my screen, late joiners welcome but you’ll miss whatever was already covered.


Last Edit: 27th Jun by Ross
Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Management
Likes 286
27th Jun

On request of Parklife and Pippin, I'll be running this again tomorrow night (29th) at 1930, meet in the Team speak at 1920 if you're joining


Last Edit: 28th Jun by Ross
Forum » Training » Training Discussion
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