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Forum » Training » Training Discussion
Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Management
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30th Nov 2020

It is my opinion that the focus on teamwork and team-oriented maneuvering has been on the decline for some time. Too often do section commanders particularly go for the "fast and easy" option rather than the slower, methodical, and teamwork heavy approach. There is probably a lot of reason for this (and it is not just because we are lazy) but because most of the time the right approach does not have enough of a payoff in the scenarios and so it simply is not done right, but Bosenator has surmised it likely also has to do with boredom of years of playing and commanding.

If my recollection serves me right, at the end of 2015, first half of 2016, when Harry and Patty Evans served as training managers, the training schedule was a little more rigid; there was a block of time for qualification-specific training followed by forcetype-specific training. Though this schedule did not work out very well, I remember the forcetype blocks happening standardly each week mirroring the forcetype for the operation that Saturday. Similarly, there were opportunities for CQC and manoeuvre practices. These were often a little silly, like doing bounding practice down the Sahrani runway with no targets to shoot, but it was fun and honed us a little bit, putting an emphasis on proper teamwork.

There was also some talk by Bosenator while he was training manager about making and playing replayable training missions that served specific purposes. I believe Crabb even made some missions back then, but unfortunately it never really went anywhere.

What I would like to propose is a way to hone out skills in teamwork and communication through doing these sorts of missions standardly as an event every Wednesday. I envision a training scenario for a roughly a section-strength element run by a trainer from Zeus focusing specifically on a critical point of gameplay, preferably in the forcetype of that week if applicable. The trainer would be capable of observing and dynamically altering the scenario, able to punish the mistakes we make and provide criticism to the trainees. The scenario could be run multiple times if time allowed for it, but I reckon the total training time should not take too long; maybe and hour or a little longer. Between runs and after there should be some time for an in-game debriefing, much like we saw at 1QDG's training sessions and the 3CB public event. Green often asked people to provide a negative and a positive as a way of keeping a good attitude.

There would be a lot of opportunity for different scenarios, I think some critical points could be urban fighting, CQC/room clearing, open terrain assault, organized withdrawal, and forcetype specifics. Furthermore, I see no reason for these practices to be just for general infantry, as I believe attachment roles are very enjoyable and people would like to play them more, even if in a training scenario. 

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Joined: 3rd Dec 2013
Rank: Recruiter
Likes 554
30th Nov 2020

Too many times have I seen TWC fall to one man holding an awkward corner, because we see someone go down and rush to their aid without recognising that there’s still a threat, only to be cut down by that threat once they reach the casualty. I’ve often wondered how well a section of regular public players would fair compared to a section of ops only players, simply due to the constant practice in technique and communication that we experience multiple times a week on public.

Id like to imagine training scenarios could be set up fairly easily and fairly quickly, especially with Zeus and Achilles. And I see no harm in at least trying these scenarios out to see how they do. It may also be worth having AARs for these sessions to see where we need to improve, so we can tailor future sessions in that direction.

Either way, I like the idea

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Joined: 15th Sep 2012
Rank: Member
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30th Nov 2020

Sounds like a good idea to me and to be honest I think we would all benefit from a refresher.
Joined: 23rd Feb 2018
Rank: Member
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1st Dec 2020

I think in General we should run more regular training sessions (IF possible with the trainer?) Not just for qualification sake but for general smoothness and flow of operations. Furthermore, I think we should make the training documents visible for us to go through so I can remind my self of certain factors to think of when transmitting on the radio and not sounding like a complete crackhead.
Last Edit: 1st Dec 2020 by Captain Austalia
Joined: 27th Sep 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 257
1st Dec 2020

There were some very handy quick-reference cheat sheets circulating ages ago. Those kinds of things if available would be good to be available to all members/recruits on the site here imo.

Fresh new forms of training to bolster tired skills and keep the old crowd interested sound great to me.

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Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Member
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1st Dec 2020

There's these two Jazza: http://www.thewreckingcre ... cumentshand-outs-z7a and some pictured guides in http://www.thewreckingcre ...

Not sure about others.

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Last Edit: 1st Dec 2020 by Bosenator
Joined: 1st Dec 2020
Rank: Member
Likes 73
1st Dec 2020

I completly agree with this idea, as I do think we could use it to improve our general gameplay and teamwork. As I do feel we do need a refresher on it.

I would be intrested in acually taking people through this type of scenario and leading the session if necessary. If there ever was a need for someone to do it. However being two people focusing on this type of a thing would be great if we were to do it.

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Joined: 11th Apr 2017
Rank: Member
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3rd Dec 2020

I will and try to set something up with rik next week. I will post it when we have more info.
Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Member
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16th Dec 2020

Any progress on this?


Joined: 4th Oct 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1240
17th Dec 2020

Maybe we could organize something in the new year?
Joined: 23rd Feb 2018
Rank: Member
Likes 123
17th Dec 2020

Bump and agreed!
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