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Modset Changelog
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Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Member
Likes 1240
11th Jul

- The sighting lines now function properly. There is a cross marking the center, with every line below it marking a 100 meters distance from your position, up to 500.
- Spotting rifle will not impact hearing as much anymore.
- Lowered Spotting Rifle mag count to 5 from 6.
- Removed zeroing ability as the sight now functions. 

ADJUSTED: L118 Light Gun has been reconfigured to ACE CSW systems. 

ADDED: HESH, Red Smoke, Orange Smoke, IR Illum for the L118 with respective ammoboxes.

ADDED: TWC Israeli Cold War units.

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Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Member
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3rd Aug

ADDED: Added a cap to pain, to prevent situations where patients could be unconscious in excess of 15 to 30 minutes.

ADJUSTED: Pain suppression medication won't work on those without a HR.

ADJUSTED: Increased the pain caused by wearing a tourniquet. The time till pain starts kicking in has been reduced from 120 seconds to 45, and the amount of pain caused has been marginally increased.

ADJUSTED: When treating someone, your own items will be used before the casualities now. As it's generally a lot easier for the person treating someone else, to remember they need to stock up than the unconcious recipient, who doesn't know what was used.

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

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[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 09:22
we did a lil nifty three-man swoop of a couple of objectives
[TWC] Hobbs 9th Aug
gonna have to give it a miss tonight, still ill
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Aug
Pub tonight 1900
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
I need a 2IC pls peeps
[TWC] Sarge 8th Aug
It's Pre-Op time
[TWC] nickthegreek 8th Aug
you know vodka comes from potatos sooo I do whant to be a potato
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
A smelly potato
[TWC] Mallas 8th Aug
Sign up for the op or you're a potato.
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
I'm not that spooky, sign up to the op folks
[TWC] zurxo 8th Aug
Imagine not voting on Iclans
[TWC] Sarge 7th Aug
Sign up for the Op!
[TWC] Björn 6th Aug
im doing section cmd tonight
[TWC] Aleyboy 6th Aug
Same time as usual
[TWC] Aleyboy 6th Aug
Public tonight
PbThunder 6th Aug
So I'm in the process of moving house so I'll hopefully be on by next week to play a few public server sessions and ops!
[TWC] Captain Austalia 6th Aug
I'm never sarcastic! \
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 6th Aug
omg its pb
[TWC] Vieira 6th Aug
Simpleton/singleton, don't be sarcastic. It is forbiden here.
[TWC] zurxo 6th Aug
A wild Thunder appears!
[TWC] Captain Austalia 5th Aug
Awesome! Excited to have you around!!
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