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Recruits, Members and Management
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14th Jul 2017

The Wrecking Crew does not have a system of military-style ranks. Within Operations and on the Public Server there is no difference between Recruits, Members and Members of Management, instead the command and rank structure of in-game is followed.

Every Recruit, Member and Manager in The Wrecking Crew is bound to it's rules as outlined in this thread

Recruits are those who have recently joined The Wrecking Crew. They can join Operations and earn Qualifications.To become a Member, Recruits have to attend Basic Infantry Training and be active in the community, either by attending Operations (roughly 4 Operations) and must not breach the rules in this time.

Members are Recruits that have proven themselves active participants in the community. They are expected to be exemplary in their conduct and are expected to continue to be active in the community. If they fail to do this they are set to Inactive Members, a state that is revoked upon renewed activity in the community.

Management are Members that have been tasked with managing certain aspects of the group and bear responsibility for their regular conduct. They are held to special rules outlined in this thread. Whilst mostly just bearing responsibility, it may be necessary for Management to bear authority to enable smooth conduct within the groups, in which case their instructions are to be followed.

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Forum » Information and Rules » Announcements Locked
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