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Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 734
12th Nov 2015

TWC members/recruits should treat everyone else with respect and dignity, even beyond that of what they may deserve. They should always try to act and talk in a way that will promote the most positive, calm, and welcoming environment. They should think before speaking, typing, or acting and give people the benefit of the doubt.

A TWC member should act within the fundamental conduct & atmosphere of the group. This is expected to be upheld on TeamSpeak, the website, in game and anywhere you're representing TWC.

They should never be insulting, sexist, racist, sectarian, or ableist in any environment where it would not be clearly understood by all present as a joke.

The TWC environment is an environment in which all are one group. No super-secret others-not-allowed internal groups, no cliques, no clubs, or anything else resembling this.

  • Members/recruits can only be a member of TWC while they are not a member of any other MilSim groups which could cause a conflict of interests. Ask management if you're unsure.
  • Members/recruits are permitted to play on different public servers than TWC. You must uphold the TWC attitude at all times. Please be considerate of the time you commit to our own server when playing on other MilSim servers.
  • Members/recruits should keep a consistent and unchanging name in-game, on TeamSpeak, and on the website. Contact management to discuss any desired name changes.
  • Members/recruits may not make any accounts representing, impersonating or imitating TWC on any websites, be it a clan registry website, YouTube, steam, or other such social media without written consent from management.
  • Members or recruits are expected to respect the privacy of others. We have a zero tolerance policy for infringement.
  • Members/recruits must own a legal copy of ArmA III.
  • Hacking will result in immediate banning.
  • Intentional exploitation of a bug or flaw to do something which is immersion breaking for the game is not allowed.
  • Teamwork is expected when playing on the server. Respect your role and play as would be expected in a realistic military unit.
  • Players must never intentionally team kill, or intentionally murder civilians.
  • Immersion is a core part of TWC game play. Please be respectful of that. Repeated intentional immersion breaking will not be tolerated.
  • While playing, communication must only be done via in-game mechanics, such as ACRE or CTAB. Use of external sources such as steam or skype is not acceptable.
  • Recruitment on other servers is strictly forbidden. Please be respectful to other groups at all times.

  • The PublicACRE & AdancedCombatRadioEnvironment channels are for in-game use only. If you are not in game you should not be in these channels. If you are in game, you should be.
  • The TWC TeamSpeak server is for use of public server play, TWC member/recruit activities (inclusive of all) and communicating out of game (inclusive of all).

  • Threads should stay on topic of the original post.
  • All forum posts must be in the appropriate board, and members/recruits must check that board for any rules/regulations before posting.
  • Non-TWC gaming sessions/events must not be scheduled anywhere on the website (including  private messages).
  • Posts may be removed for any reason that management feel is justified and do not need to be in violation of a specific rule.

Moderation and Management
  • All moderation actions taken will be conveyed to the user as to why that action was taken, in the hopes of further clarity and prevention of repeat offences. The exception to this is when it has already been clearly stated.
  • All moderation needs to be consistent.
  • All rules apply to management as they do to members. However, there is reasonable exception to this. For example, leaving the ACRE channel when on a server.
  • If you feel any of the above rules have been violated by a recruit, member or manager of TWC - please contact a member of management to discuss.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve TWC, rules are subject to changes. Any changes to rules will be communicated on the website. In most cases 7 days notice will be given for this.
Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1955
10th Sep 2016

The rules have been updated. Mostly to remove redundancy. For a full list of changes, see this: https://www.diffchecker.c ... om/oGW7aINo Red is the old one, green is the new.

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

Last Edit: 10th Sep 2016 by Bosenator
Forum » Information and Rules » Announcements Locked
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[TWC] Bosenator 15th Jan
vote of no confidence tomorrow
[TWC] Bosenator 15th Jan
plan b vote in 3 days
[TWC] jayman 15th Jan
So is Brexit officially cancelled?
[TWC] Bosenator 15th Jan
Big oof. Big defeat.
[TWC] Harry 15th Jan
W\atching Live - Brexit Vote 2 Electric Boogaloo!
[TWC] Hobbs 15th Jan
Today's repo update affects optionals as well, namely an updated JSRS compatibility patch
[TWC] Rik 11th Jan
If you're attending the joint operation tomorrow, make sure you have the special joint operation repository installed and ready. For more info, see rolesheet thread.
[TWC] Hobbs 11th Jan
preop done, public time
[TWC] Hobbs 11th Jan
In case anyone's missed the thread, pre-op is tonight at 8pm
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