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TWC Mods Installation Guide
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Joined: 25th Apr 2020
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2nd Jan

This is a guide for new and existing players to download the TWC Modset for Operations and Training.

In order to play, you'll need the following:

A working microphone (and be willing to use it)

A legal copy of ArmA 3. No DLC is required but Apex is recommended.

TeamSpeak 3 (can be downloaded here)[/i

The HTML File Containing the Core Modset
(this can be downloaded from here)

The Map For the Week; can be found in the briefing. Map Repository: Here

Once you have the HTML file downloaded, follow the process below:

Step 1: Arma 3 from your Steam library and Navigate to the Mods tab. On the Top right hand of the screen, drop down the menu and select import. (The file can also be dragged and dropped)

Step 2: Select the HTML file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Allow the mods to download.

Step 4: Launch the game with the mods ticked.

IMPORTANT Do not have TeamSpeak open when you launch for the first time, the game will ask you if you want to install the ACRE 2 plugin. You should install this when asked.

Step 5: Activate the ACRE 2 Plugin within Teamspeak 3. To do this open TeamSpeak, on the tool bar drop down Tools>Options>Addons and activate ACRE 2.

You should now be ready to join us on in Arma 3.

If you struggle with any part of this, please ask on Discord or TeamSpeak. We are all happy to help.


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Forum » Information and Rules » Announcements Locked
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