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Arma3Sync Installation Guide for TWC
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1st Mar 2016

We use ArmA3Sync rather than the vanilla launcher to manage our mods; this means that if a mod is added by management, we won’t need to give you a new mod set each time. It also means that if a mod breaks following an update, we won't be affected by this.

This install guide will guide you though each stage of getting in to a game with us.

If at any point following the guide you run into difficulty, please pop onto either TeamSpeak (preferably) or onto Discord and ask for help! We're more than willing to ensure you get into action as smoothly as possible.

If you wish to attend our main operation on a Saturday, you should also apply for membership to become a recruit. This is the first step to becoming a full member of TWC.

Video Guide

Written Guide


In order to play, you'll need the following:
  • A working microphone (and be willing to use it)
  • A legal copy of ArmA 3
  • TeamSpeak 3 (can be downloaded here)
  • Either ArmA3Sync or our modified version TWC Sync (both can be downloaded from here)

Setting Up ArmA3Sync

When you start ArmA3Sync for the first time, it will ask you to select the ArmA 3 executable. By default, you will find the ArmA 3 installation folder here.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

But this might be different depending on your PC setup.

Select the arma3_x64.exe file.

IMPORTANT Now go in to the Arma 3 folder in your filing structure and create a folder to save your TWC mods in.

By default you will find your Arma 3 folder here, but again this will vary depending on your setup:
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3

Pro-Tip: Your workshop folder may be hidden, you can unhide it by navigating to the view tab at the top and ticking "hidden Items"

Once done, you'll want to navigate to the "Addon Options" tab. There, you'll want to click the button with the blue plus and select the folder that you have just made.

If there was a listing here already, you should go ahead and delete it. You do this by selecting the row, and then hitting the red cross below the blue plus. This will only delete the reference to it, not the files themselves.

Once complete, it should look something like this:

Adding the Repositories

Next, you will need to add the repos to ArmA3Sync. This is done by navigating to the "Repositories" tab, and clicking the blue plus to add a new repo. This will pop up with a form asking you to fill out the necessary information.

Copy and paste the public repo link below into the "Public auto-config url" box, and then select import. If done correctly, this should fill out the rest of the information for you and state "Connection success!".

Public Modset:

This is the modset required if you wish to play on our Public server. For the Modsets required for our Saturday Operations please see the sections below.

Operations & Training:

This is the core repo for our Operations & Trainings. You will need this repo in order to play on Saturday, or to attend training. A lot of these mods are already located within the public repo, make sure to download to the same location.


This repo is required for any WW2 operations. In order to use it, you'll need to load these in addition to the Operations & Trainings repo.

TWC Maps:

Some operations require a map not included in our core repo. These additional maps are located within the TWC Maps repo. After adding this repo, you can load the maps individually from the "Addons" tab.

These are separate from the main repo, as they are typically large in size and on an individual basis not used often. This means that you can download just the individual map required, allowing you to get into the action quicker by not having to download all the maps.

In order to find out which map is required for this weekend, you can either check the name of the TWC Area joining lobby on TeamSpeak, or check the event page, where the briefing will list the map required.

If you want to be on the safe side or for a sake of convenience, download all of the maps. You can also launch with all the maps loaded, but this will make the game load longer - if that's more convenient for you.

Downloading the Mods
Now that you've added the repo(s) you can proceed to downloading the mods within. In order to do this, select the repo you would like to download, and then click on the button "Connect to repository". This should open a new tab, with the name of the repo you've connected to.

You'll now need to select the tick in the upper left corner to check for existing add-ons. Please note that when you do this for the first time it may take a while to complete. It will be a lot faster in subsequent checks, it's just the very first time it's got to do a lot of crunching!

Once done, the list on the right hand side should now be full of mod names. Tick "select all", and hit the "Start/Resume" button. Hurrah, it should now be downloading all the mods necessary. If you are downloading maps or optionals you can select just the individual mod that you need.

Pro-Tip: If your download is going much slower than it should be, pause the download and click above on "Settings". In that pop-up set "Active Connections" to "10", and resume the download. It should now be going a lot faster.

Modify Launcher Options
If you would like to launch ArmA 3 with some custom options, then proceed to the "Launcher Options" tab. Here, you'll be able to select the profile you would like to launch with, as well as define other options for performance considerations.

If you selected the wrong executable earlier, you can reselect it here, at the bottom.

Launching with Add-ons (and connecting to the server)
On the very first tab "Addons", select the folder "TWC Public" from the right hand side in the "Addon Groups" panel. This will select the mods to launch with from within that folder. Once you've got the whole folder ticked, go to the bottom of ArmA3Sync and change the server to "TWC Public Realism Server" and select "Start Game".

Hurrah, the game should now be launching with all the mods needed in order to play. You'll need to be on TeamSpeak, and once connected in game, it should move you automatically to the correct TeamSpeak channel. If not, move yourself over to the "ACRE - Public" channel, so you can hear others in game. It also tells people that you're connected, so they'll be more inclined to hop on too!

Remember, if you have any issues, to pop onto either TeamSpeak or Discord and ask away!

IMPORTANT When you first start you Arma with our mods you will get a pop up asking to install the ACRE 2 plugin. It important that you allow this plugin to operate as it forms the basis of our in game chat. Make sure that you have Teamspeak open when you do this.

We also have a select few additional mods that aren't necessary for game-play but enhance it, either visually by making explosions more spectacular or by providing higher definition sounds. These are not necessary, they are optional. If you suffer from performance related issues on public, forgo these mods as they can be taxing on some machines.

You can download these in the same fashion as the public mods above. The optional repo link:

If you wish to attend our Weekly Operations on a Saturday, be sure to Apply for Membership on the top left of the screen then comment on the weeks role sheet. you can find it in the 'Recent Forum Posts'. It will follow the format Operation "NAME"
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