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TWCs 2019 - Looking Forward
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Joined: 20th Jan 2013
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1st Jan 2019

Happy New Year all. I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas break. Our Christmas operations were a tremendous success, they've been a lot of fun - it's been great seeing everyone enjoy them. We're feeling really fresh going into some really exciting events this year, with the Joint-Op being the closest!

Carrying off the Insurgency rewrite, we've seen major improvements and additions to our public missions, and this has been reflected in the much larger uptake of public players. We hit our ArmA 3 record late last year, with 27 players on for Domination. We've also seen Siege being added, which has been a great success, filling that short play session gap.

We've also seen many different maps being added, as well as eras, for our current game modes. Efforts are being made on bringing additional game modes to public, as well. More information on that, will be coming up soon. There's a lot of minor things being work on too, that aid our experience and enjoyability. You can check out the public forums for changes, and upcoming public events.

Operations are off to an exciting start in 2019; come January 12 we will have our first joint operation with the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards. More information on that shall follow shortly in the relevant thread.

Furthermore, there will hopefully be a heavier emphasis on member-made operations, including a renewed effort to involve people in making operations. There are still plans for both a written guide on making operations as well as a demonstrational video, in which you can watch an operation be made. If you are new to making operations for TWC, do not be afraid to ask Rik if you can make operation together so you can learn.

With lessons learned from 2018, we will return to the old-style MMO format; a different force each operation. A nomination thread went up last month where people could suggest ideas, and now a thread with a poll has been posted in which you can rank the forces you want to play as most.

Speaking of lessons learned, the Christmas operations were incredibly well received and people expressed that they would like to do this sort of stuff more often. In the future, midweek operations will start to feature more things like the Christmas ones, mostly management-made for now. Therefore, people who are new to making operations may still use the old midweek operation format to test their skills.

With the foundational element reworked, trialled and thoroughly tested in 2018, training is now open to expanding in exciting and interesting ways, to both engage the community and to hone our skills further at the same time.

As outlined here, we'll be moving forward this year with an AT Proficiency Contest. We're looking to open to this more avenues if it goes well too. Additionally, we'll be going ahead this year with micro-missions with real time trainer feedback. This allows for those to build out on skill, whilst we have fun at the same time - this is what the Christmas D-Day wave respawn idea was tested for. More information on this will be forthcoming.

It's a great time to become a trainer; if you're interested send Bosenator a PM.

This year, we thought we'd mention the community; you. We're really happy where we've come to recently, there's been a lot of laughs and most importantly fun, in and out of ArmA. We wish to see this continue and to grow, because it's what we're all here for.

Starting sometime this year, we will be introducing the Community Game Night, where we as a community will choose a game and try to play it together as best as we can. More information on this will be forthcoming.

We've also seen huge pick-up in Discord engagement, which has been fantastic. It's become the number one stop for new people wanting to learn more about the group, and so by having people active there, it certainly helps with answering their questions in a timely manner. As we continue to use it, we'll continue to grow the tools there as well.

Some of the biggest effort in 2018 has been streamlining behind the scenes processes, to make us more open whilst at the same time not being a hindrance on the development (in some cases, better aiding our priorities and tracking what each other is working on). This effort is being carried over into 2019 with full gusto.

There's been significant effort in restructuring, organising and optimising existing framework/config code as well as learning our technical limits. I think we've seen a marked improvement in terms of what we can achieve within our allocated resources, without ruining the game-play experience. Always striving for those more engaging fire-fights.

As part of this effort, the key-update on Saturday has been retired. We've been increasingly relying on mods own keys the last month and have had no issue whatsoever, more so we've been having successful midweek operations that didn't require a key-update -- this has had the added side effect of utilising the workshop mod folder with limited issue. Whilst some mods will continue to be signed by us, for compatibility reasons, they will so only be done when updated. We are aiming to keep closer to workshop updates, but we will postpone them if technical issue arises, or their update is too late in the week.

We've created many new additions to the framework for mission makers to add to their missions, and to unlock new possibilities. We're very open to suggestions, so if you've got any, please suggest away!

I talked a moment ago about organisational efforts in opening up, and you should now notice this on Github with us transferring all bug reports and suggestions, where they can be tracked. There are efforts being made to mirror this onto our own website as well.

Talking of, we are continuing to integrate third parties together as much as possible. Discord has received a lot of automated postings now relating to website and Github information, with plans to expand further. The bot will also be expanded to better serve the community, with a wide range of planned commands. More information on that, to come in the future.

We also have some great in house assets being developed and existing ones being polished, that may be possible to release to the public in the future, after we've put them through their paces. There's been some great community input in on helping us polish our existing assets as well, special thanks to the likes of Mc_Jazza, lockoncap and Lemon Pizza.

"Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

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