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Upcoming Joint-Op
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Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Management
Likes 941
30th Nov

Little less than a month ago, Bosenator reached out to a group he’d found with a very similar play style. Since then we’ve learned to know each other a little bit, you may have seen some of them pop up on TeamSpeak or Discord with the 1QDG tag. They are a British light reconnaissance realism unit that primarily do (what would be for us) Cold War/Millennial operations. 

We have established a preliminary date for Operation CONDOR on 12/01/2019. The operation itself will be collaboration between Green (leader of the 1QDG) and myself. We will form an amphibious infantry force with the other group providing mechanised reconnaissance and fire support, landing in Soviet-occupied Norway.

As with previous joint operations, it’s imperative that TWC shows its best as this is a group we would be very keen to do joint operations with in the future. Operation attitude will be more strictly enforced than usual. Furthermore, to ensure server performance remains top, we will not be adding slots late to the operation: the rolesheet will be as is. Our maximum player account (including the other group) will probably be <50. 

At some point in the near future we will also have a joint operation repository set up. It should not be hugely different from the usual operations repository, but you should download it ahead of time regardless.

In time, more information should follow, so stay tuned!

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Surprise - Anschlusszeit

Last Edit: 30th Nov by Rik
Joined: 22nd Jul 2015
Rank: Member
Likes 145
1st Dec

Are we using out server or their server? Talking about both TS and Arma 3 there.

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Cause sandwiches are more important than an OP.

Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Management
Likes 941
1st Dec

We will be using our server and TS.

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Surprise - Anschlusszeit

Joined: 24th Jan 2015
Rank: Member
Likes 1354
4th Dec

What numbers / elements do we expect the other group to provide?
At <50 people I take we expect a company turnout, is there any plan yet, how exactly command structure is supposed to work?

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Joined: 31st May 2013
Rank: Member
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4th Dec

Did we identify the cause of the crash/performance issues from the last joint op?

If not, are we going to have a more thorough/mandatory testing/stress test session this time around?

Arma Pacis Fulcra - Armed Strength for Peace

Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Management
Likes 1831
4th Dec

Yes, there's an agreed upon joint-command structure, and yes we've identified and done a few tests since. We're pretty confident where the performance issue came from last time, and that's been solved for a while, but we're also keeping a much tighter control on the upper limit. I've been doing a lot of performance passes recently, and adding new systems to help combat any issues that might arise. We do plan on doing a big test the week prior, the more that show up, the better.

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Forum » Community » Announcements
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