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Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
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2nd Jan

Big news TWC!

As of right now you can delete Arma 3 Sync and all of the mods you have downloaded through it. Actually, you need to delete them because of version control, naming conventions, and I don't want to deal with problems trying to transfer them would cause. Fortunately, mods download a lot faster on the Workshop. Maybe I can try to save some money getting a lower bandwidth server as well. 

There are 2 ways to do this.

Download all of these mods from the collection. (Just hit subscribe to all):
Join the server. I will leave it running the whole week as a sort of "extended pre-op test".
Pass: h555
Known bugs:
Downloading all the mods tends to have mods that need to be "repaired". This is no big deal at all. Just hit the menu button and click repair. This fixed it 100% for me, but if it doesn't, you could try unsubscribing and re-subscribing. If that doesn't work... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*I was going to put a picture here, but I cannon recreate it*

 2. (If you really want to) Start Arma 3 through the built-in launcher. Find the server: Click "Set up DLC's, Mods, and Join". Wait while it downloads the mods.

Known bugs:
Downloading all of the mods this way has the problem that we have too many mods that steam truncates or just doesn't bother transmitting all of the data. Namely the workshop ids. This could also be partly our fault as most mods that do not seem to work are our in-house mods. Unfortunately, it seems random and does this to non-TWC mods which we now have zero control over. Basically, you will get this and then have to search for the mods manually and subscribe:

The Choose action never finds the correct mods anyways so I highly recommend using plan 1.

With workshop mods it should be easier for new and old players to join the server and download mods significantly faster. We also won't have the problem of people who use both having trouble with @CBA_A3. With faster download speeds we can experiment with different mods and as well as having no effective cap on how large we make the TWC Maps and Trainings Pack. That pack is still being worked on server side so this week's operation will have to be without. Our more ambitious members can download it from here but know that it is likely to change frequently.


For Mission Makers.

I would recommend making a preset of the 36 mods from ops and trainings.

Then you can just add the map you wish to use. This is not strictly necessary. You don't need every mod enabled to make a mission, but there isn't any reason not to. IE, not loading VME when we are fighting insurgents won't be a problem come Saturday when VME is loaded.

Known problems:
This is more specific to the maps repo in general. TWC has fallen exceptionally behind in the maps that we use. Our version of some maps were from 2013. (If it's not broke don't fix it) Take a general warning that maps using things like:
Are likely to have issues. management will work on this, but I am currently much more interested in transferring all our automations from Arma Sync to the Workshop. 

In Conclusion:

Sign up for the op and go out and recruit because it has never been easier to get into operation at TWC.
Last Edit: 2nd Jan by jayman
Forum » Information and Rules » Announcements
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