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Extraction: A Public Server Gamemode
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
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11th Aug

Extraction: What is it?

Extraction is a PVP/PVE hybrid gamemode with a focus on friendly competition that requires communication and logistics over shooting skill to win. It is suitable for 2v2 up to 8v8.

How does it work?

Inspired by Titanfall’s hybrid PVP/PVE style and that one scene from Black Hawk Down, Extraction is a 1-hour long game that places a Hostage between a camp of local Militia and a camp of US Rangers. Both teams will have to search the area for the Hostage, get him out of the area, and get him to their team’s extraction zone. Each zone is past the other team’s camp, so logistics and teamwork are essential to getting to the extraction zone with enough supplies to hold out.

You have a joining/prep phase (jipping is fine too) where you can spawn vehicles and followers from the box and work out where the Hostage can be. 

There will be a few markers on the map:
1: Your camp, where you have spawned.
2: The Hostage area marker. This is an orange marker with a number. If it says 200m for example, the Hostage is somewhere within 200m of that marker. He will be in or on a building. Tip: The more buildings near the Hostage, the more specific this marker will be.
3: Your Extraction Zone. You need to place the Hostage, dismounted, in this Zone and keep him there.
4:  A pair of potential enemy Extraction Zones. These will not be very useful to begin with, but if the enemy grabs the Hostage you will need to watch these as they shrink to work out which one they’re going to and intercept.

A Blackhawk orbits the Hostage town at the start of a game, searching for where he is hidden.

You’ll need to work out how to get the Hostage. There are some things to consider at this point:

1: If you search a town where he’s being held and you don’t have top cover, you will probably be engaged by someone else doing the same. Setting up base of fire teams to suppress and ward off unwanted visitors is crucial.
2: If the other team gets the Hostage first, they have to go past you to get to their Extraction Zone.

Decide on a course of action with your team. Try and avoid having multiple players in one vehicle early in the game unless they are a base of fire team. Each player death costs your team a point and there’s a mercy rule if you drop to -5.

Once the game starts, use your plan to get the Hostage. The game is procedural and generates a new battlefield with each run so, while it is always preferable to get the Hostage first, it is not always possible.

A Pair of BMP's move toward the Hostage, engaging BLUFOR on the move

If you find yourself staring at the enemy driving away with the Hostage, be patient. Carefully placed shots into tires can be effective at slowing him down, but this cannot be done at speed and often ends up in the death of the Hostage. The ideal method is for someone to shadow the Hostage vehicle and relay where he’s going, so that advance teams can set up ambushes either on the road or on the extraction zone itself if you work it out quickly enough. Of course if the Hostage team is working together they can try to stop you from doing that. The Hostage is also marked on the map when he is taken, and this is updated more frequently the faster he is going, and you can access the Mission Status with ACE Self Interact to get a bearing and distance to his last known location.

A sustained firefight over the Hostage compound, clearly visible on the left. Also visible are two special weapons stolen from a single BLUFOR victim, a Carl Gustav and a scoped M4

If you get him in the Zone, unload him and put him somewhere. Don’t try escorting him to use him as a human shield, if he gets killed while doing so the game will attribute it to you and you will lose. There is a weapons cache at each Zone with mounted MG’s and extra ammo, you can set these up to cover entryways. You get a point for each minute he’s in the zone.

Special Roles and Weapons

Command roles have access to binoculars and GPS, which enables them to make more informed decisions and coordinate flanking maneuvers with more ease.

There are some special weapons in the Camp box. These are often very powerful, but if you take something and die with it you will lose it. Define your objective beforehand and make sure you can survive doing it before taking something.

An RPG gunner uses binoculars (maybe stolen, maybe special) to watch assaulting BLUFOR


Noone gets rifle optics to begin with, but there are sometimes rifle optics or scoped rifles in the Camp boxes. Rangers were picked for the blufor faction because they have the most vehicle choices for our modset out of the potential factions that don’t use magnified optics. They also have access to low protection vehicles (buggies) that balance them better against the insurgent Hiluxes.

The game gives you better vehicles depending on how bad your situation is. Your player count and your points both matter, so if you’re in a 1v3 or if the enemy is steadily racking up points while you can’t break through, you’ll find yourself getting better and better options when spawning vehicles from the box. This can be something bulletproof like a Humvee, or carrying more firepower like a Hilux with an AGS30 or a ZU23 on the back. In extreme cases armoured vehicles such as Bradleys and BMP’s become available.

BLUFOR forces, hiding in a treeline, ambush a BMP trying to search for the Hostage at the start of a game

This mission has been about 6 months in the making, with the past 2-3 months being spent testing the mission heavily alongside our other hybrid mode, Bananabank, which is still in testing. Extraction provides a competitive but friendly attack/defence gamemode where teamwork and coordination are more important than shooting skill.

A true optimist. As you can see from the stolen equipment in an earlier picture, his efforts were not successful

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Last Edit: 18th Aug by Hobbs
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