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Insurgency Overhaul
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Joined: 29th Aug 2015
Rank: Management
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16th Apr

For the past couple of months I have worked on a rewrite of the Insurgency mission. As of now I am happy to announce a first beta version of the mission. 

The mission is functionally very similar to our previous iteration, but there are differences, here are some notable ones:
  • No more base box: Personally, I've never really felt a need for the big crate at base. People like loitering around it sorting their inventory to the most minute of details. To resupply, you can simply spawn crates from the spawner like old, right now there is not a limit to who can. Some roles previously had choices in weapons in the base box; you can now choose a different weapon if your role allows it on the spawn screen.
  • Limited supply: As means to a failure condition, we now have a limited amount of supply. The supply points are used to spawn vehicles and ammoboxes. Running out of supply will fail the mission, but tasks can be done do increase your supply.
  • Civilian interactions are now done through a singular elder: Towns will have intelligence and tasks for you, but these will only come from the village elder. Local civvies may know where to find him if you ask. The intelligence may provide details on caches or strongholds like old, and the tasks will help you increase relations with the town. The town elder will be more likely to give intelligence and help you if relations are good.
  • Unified enemy AI commander: A commander brain is now in place to (hopefully) make the enemy more dynamic in what they do. This commander brain will try to keep/establish dominance in the region.
  • Tactical AI commander: Firefights will now be managed by another AI commander brain. They will employ several basic tactics depending on the situation. 

This is a very first release of the mission, and as such is pretty bare bones. It may miss out on a lot of detail from the previous mission. Some experiences may be buggy or glitchy as well. If you have any issues or suggestions I am always happy to hear about them, but preferably here on the forums in their own threads.

The first (test) mission features a US Army deployment to Takistan ca. 2003 and is now live on the public server.

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Last Edit: 16th Apr by Rik
Joined: 27th Aug 2016
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16th Apr


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Joined: 16th Sep 2018
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17th Apr

Is this version going to be playtested at specific days, or immediately supersede our previous model?

Cool changes!

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Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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