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Insurgency Redux Relaunch
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Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Management
Likes 320
14th Mar

I am in the process of rewriting a good portion of the old Public Insurgency, I will keep a change log of everything I do in here so people know. As always, any help you are willing to give is welcome! It will play as of now but I will hold off putting it on the server unless people want to play it right now

Change Log

- Base box is now a limited arsenal per role with tidier code. (Base box still there for now)

Justification: Easier to config new units, less event handlers to suck up performance, unlimited ammunition at the base. The hope is that it will make Domination and Insurgency use the same system and will make adding new maps easier.

- Changed the coding for spawning boxes

Justification: Cleaner code, less code, same system for the player in theory

- Removed player insurgents

Justification: It was fun for the people being the insurgents but was just annoying for people playing the game. If you want PvP we can look at PvP game modes

- Removed Campaign Mode

Justification: It pretty much turned insurgency in to Domination when a Platoon HQ logged on, at that point just go and play Domination.

- Removed various antiquated and unused code.

Justification: Wasn't actually getting used and some of it now a base feature of ACE anyway.

- Removed various restrictions.

Justification: A lot of it was unneeded and simply there to detract from the player experience. More will be removed as playtesting finds issues and some may be readded if aspects/ the spirit of the game are abused (Hint: Don't be that guy).


Last Edit: 17th Mar by Ross
Joined: 25th Apr 2020
Rank: Management
Likes 320
17th Mar

- Removed Special Forces.

Justification: A contentious issue within the group and the unit configs are broken anyway so I'm not going to spend time on them for now.

- Added Helicopter Transport and Resupply Script.

Justification: Most of the time insurgency is extremely reliant on player helicopters for reinserts, resupply and transport. This script relieves some of this reliance for the following reasons:

- Anyone in base can mount the helicopter and be taken anywhere on the map. (Be aware the heli can and will be shot down)

- Anyone can call for transport and supplies in the field but the heli will not land/drop supplies unless coloured smoke is deployed when it nears your position. Coloured smoke is only available to SCs/2iCs but can be handed out to section members if the leaders want. The resupply doesn't give you our normal ammo box, it gives you a selection of ammo for all the people in your section; this is a weird way of doing it but I have no way round it, I imagine it will cause issues for units with disposable AT like AT4s and NLAWs but worst comes to worst just call for an RTB and go back to base for what you need. The heli will respawn after 15 minutes if shot down. Wombat is looking in for a solution to move it to ACE menu rather than scroll wheel.


Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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