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Persistent Insurgency: A Breakdown
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
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24th Sep 2019

I've been working on some things recently, and since it changes how public insurgency works quite significantly I'm making a separate post for it instead of putting it in the public changelog. 

Your loadout for each unit will now carry across missions. This means you could take a particular role, tool it out with whatever day/night kit you want and you will only have to top up every now and then, instead of needing to reconfigure every loadout every time you join the server to how you play. This doesn’t apply to clothing/backpacks or weapons so that if people run out of ammo and have to switch to an enemy weapon or backpack they won’t be stuck with it for the rest of time. Also if you have to drop your backpack you’ll get it back when you next join. It also doesn’t apply to siege. It’s important to remember that the base ammobox for each mission remains unchanged, so if you’re set up for insurgency and find yourself in domination it’s no big deal to just switch out whatever you need, same as before. A word of warning: don’t drop radios, there are no replacements available.

Picture taken by Vieira

New Allegiance system

Insurgency now has a persistent allegiance network, that remains through mission completions/restarts as well as server restarts. Having proven itself on strongholds in the past couple of weeks, this now applies to all towns and villages.

Each province is dotted with friendly tribes among the insurgents, and these inhabit and guard their villages in much the same manner as insurgents. They can provide the same amount of information as regular civilians, which makes these towns a goldmine of information. ROE is also more important and inline with counterinsurgency tactics now, you can’t simply shoot at anyone with a gun from a hill 600m away. They are also self policing to an extent and will defend themselves from probing insurgent forces, how much you choose to get involved in these skirmishes is up to you but be very careful about who you’re shooting at.

Friendly towns may occasionally be taken over by determined enemy forces looking for a hideout while you are away. If a town is enemy and you know it used to be friendly, keep an eye out for unusual concentrations of insurgent forces that may be guarding HVT’s or hostages.

Once you’ve moved through a town, a marker will be placed on the map. This will be blue if it’s a friendly town, red if it’s enemy and green if it’s empty. This is placed long after you’re gone and is intended to inform forces that follow on after you.

Enemy towns
If players clear a town of enemy, it will be painted with a green mark on the map. Depending on the strength of the insurgent and civilian population at the time, the town will remain empty until the mission is next run and then be either hostile or friendly on the next mission restart.

Since there are now friendly armed forces, we needed a full betrayal system as well.

So you've angered the locals, either by trying to arrest them or shooting them. The entire village now wants you gone, and every armed citizen in there will try and make sure you either leave or die trying. All is not lost however. If you can escape the town without killing more of the population and leave them alone, they will be friendly again when you next move through and will be willing to help once more. If you continue killing however, whatever remains after your rampage will not be able to hold off insurgent forces and the town will be garrisoned. If you are questioning a civ and they pull a gun on you, they are fair game and the tribal forces will often assist.

Power projection
Enemies will now patrol the wildlands between towns much more frequently the further you get from base. You can suppress this by setting up a patrol base. Speaking of which . . .

Patrol bases
Patrol bases, as well as the supplies and vehicles stored at them, are now persistent. Now they can become long term bases and allows people to run logistics missions to run supplies or vehicles to the patrol base and have a long term impact on the capabilities of everyone that would ever play that mission. It’s worth noting that it will not store uniforms, vests or backpacks, but when bose gets around to reworking the construction system I intend to make it store the locations of the base defenses as well. Unfortunately it cannot store a container if it’s on the back of a man truck, as it uses a proprietary 3cb system. It can store VIV vehicles and their contents/cargos just fine however, just remember to unload any containers you have on the back of trucks.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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[TWC] Mr T 24th Jan
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[TWC] Harry 24th Jan
This week's op will be a Vietnam MMO. I highly recommend you start downloading unsung now (it is in the joint op repo) it is a large mod.
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[TWC] Ross 23rd Jan
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