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Public Changelog 02/03/18
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2nd Mar 2018

Note: All this went in yesterday, just hadn’t done the changelog yet.


New Vehicle Repair System

Since ACE’s own method broke I put together a custom system to facilitate our own needs. This comprises of two subsystems:

1: The Ammo Spawner. Just like with spawning any ammo crates, there’s now an option to 'repair nearby vehicles' which will instantly repair anything in a 30 meter radius.

2: The Wolfhound. A mobile repair vehicle armed with a GPMG, and the capability to repair anything within a 10 meter radius a total of 5 times using the ACE interact menu. The time to repair these is 10 seconds per vehicle in the zone, and it will tell you in a hint how long it’s going to be when you start the repair. There’s a basic check to keep all vehicles stationary while this happens otherwise it cancels the repair, this will be fleshed out more in future.

The Wolfhound can be resupplied by taking it to the ammo spawner and selecting 'repair nearby vehicles' from either the Wolfhound or the spawner, both will replenish the repair tickets to 5 and repair anything nearby. This has been added to all modern missions, and the base repair variant has been added to all missions including 90’s.

New situation: Foreign Fighters

This is a search and destroy objective in the truest sense. A large section of well equipped fighters comprising of anywhere between 10-20 men is patrolling to and from the objective marker to one of the towns in the area, usually up to 1km away. This is basically a moving stronghold, and currently only spawns in modern missions until I make a 90’s variant.

The car bomb situation has been temporarily removed since the ACE update seems to have broken this as well, since bandaging AI really shouldn’t instakill them unless you’re shoving it down their throat.
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