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Public Changelog 03/05/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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3rd May 2018

The new kunduz appears to have fixed the performance issues, so we'll be sticking with it. It has some other issues, namely a floating bridge and no grid coordinates on the map, but so far it’s looking good on the whole.

I added in a cargo crate that Bose made for ops. This doesn't have a standard inventory, but can contain crates of its own. This is spawnable by pilots and crew chiefs. The main intention is that the air crew can put a package together at base and then only a single box needs to be unloaded at the zone instead of 3-4, saving time on the ground.

I also did some work on the spawning/interaction stuff. Crew chiefs can now spawn ammo as intended, EOD flags can be placed near IED’s as well as mines, the EOD flag option only comes up when near a minefield or very close to an IED, and if you get close to an EOD flag then you get the option to remove it. The flag is a little bugged on ACE’s side so this is in self interactions rather than interacting on the flag itself. I also fixed the heli crews not being able to spawn ANA crates.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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