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Public Changelog 04/07/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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5th Jul 2018

There is now a radio vehicle at base, next to the ammobox. It contains a VRC-103 with a mounted 117. It's a green FFR Land Rover with lots of antennae, you can't miss it. The locstat table is still much better since it doesn’t rely on someone in the field having a radio on the same net, but it gives section commanders a chance to communicate intention if necessary. Future plan is something like an actual radio on the locstat table that you can use, but we’re still working out how to get that done properly.

Caches now contain some of the ammunition you would expect to find there, which means it usually goes out with a bang. The amount of ammo inside is random.

WMIK’s and Wolfhounds now have spare wheels and fuel cans on them that you can use by directly interacting with them. Originally this included working side lockers and such, but it was unnecessary and pointless.

Added a 148 back on to the heli pilot, the vehicle racks are nice and all but the heli pilots job frequently takes him outside the heli to organise logistics, so something to receive transmissions and do a half decent job of sending them is important.

Added a night ops box that can be spawned by all leaders and subleaders. It contains spare NVG’s, chemlights, IR strobes, flares, map lights and hand signals. Everything a section needs to get comfortable in the darkness.

Since everything is as stable as we can make it on insurgency at the moment I’ve been working on some blue moon scenarios, where the stars can align and open up some unusual equipment as a kind of easter egg.

Now that the sniper team is suitably rare I’ve upgraded them to the kit they need to reflect the battlefield in their current role alongside the FST. They now have access to a 50 cal Barrett for dealing with technicals and penetrating cover, and their maxikite night sights can now be zeroed properly with ace ballistics. The Barrett has huge ammo and you can barely carry any of it, not to mention the weight, but access to MK211 HEIAP rounds means it’s very useful for strongholds/technicals at standoff ranges, and the M33 ball rounds mean it’s just about usable for regular work as well, but its instability means the L115 is considerably better at it. To put the ammo issue into perspective you can carry about 4 .338 rounds for every 1 .50 round. Personally I would keep the L115 but have the Barrett waiting in a vehicle nearby with some MK211 for special occasions. IRL something heavy like that would be brought in with a specialist team from well outside the platoon if the threat profile in the area demanded it, kinda like a plane but it takes longer to get there. We’re just making the assumption that the paperwork has been done already, just like the other assets.

In order to test these changes, I’ve put in an exception to the restriction systems to allow the first 2 people on the server to serve as a sniper team. We did this in the past and it’s worked well, we had a fully functional FST on a couple nights back and it was refreshing to put in the effort to put it together and then just have it all work perfectly. This doesn’t open up the rest of the FST, and as soon as the playercount hits 5 the restriction system kicks back in, but in the meantime it should give pairs the chance to practice while the server is empty, and seed the server while they’re at it. If it turns out to have a really positive effect on seeding then there's a fair chance it will stay too. Run wild and shoot well.

I got bored one afternoon and rewrote the physics for the quad bike. Arma’s physics is very basic compared to what I'm used to so I had to get a bit hacky with it. The details of this are boring but the end result is a more realistic quad bike. This is only spawnable by logistics technicians, and only 2 can exist at a time. You can also load them into one of the big truck containers. The intention for these is to be able to carry inventory and equipment from one place to another without being slowed down by elevation changes. It would also be very useful for getting to elevated observation points much faster than a coyote, so you could drive/tow a quad with a coyote and then use it to get up a mountain with javelins/mortars/whatever. It’s nowhere near as fast as the vanilla arma 3 quad so it’s not worth taking it alone, but it should work well as a support asset when it becomes available. 

The rarity of everything lining up so perfectly (>9 on server, >4 in fst, 1 x logitech) is so high that I’d be surprised if this happened more than once a month or two at most, which is about the rate that myself or bose would put in some buggies or whatever anyway, and these quad bikes are better than that because they’ve actually been balanced properly, rather than picking something randomly out of the list.
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