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Public Changelog 10/06/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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10th Jun 2018

I’ve raised the playercount numbers for each of the attachments to cut down a little on fragmentation. In future I’ll be making some kind of limiter to only allow 1 attachment per X amount of people, but the eventhandlers I would need for this are completely unreliable at the moment. New numbers are:

8 for FST
5 for heli pilot
10 for sniper team
10 for crew chief

There’s been some requests for logistics/generic crew slots to man helis’ gun positions, sort out transport packages at base while the pilots are doing CAS, and run ammo to and from patrol bases while the infantry is fighting. I’m working on this now, there will be two slots that can be accessed when there are more than 15 people on the server, or 8 when there’s a patrol base active. The reason for this being high is because frontline roles should remain the most important, and the technician is less useful when there’s no patrol base around, the crew chief can do most of the logistics work then if they sacrifice the copilot benefits. They have no combat capability and will have to rely on the infantry when near enemy areas, like the interpreter. They are in the heli crew’s group and are expected to get most of their tasks from them, but they’re free to work on the ground helping the sections as well if a pilot isn’t around. They can take a PRC148 from the main ammobox which gives them basic access to the platoon net, don’t forget that you can set the speaker from TOP_AUDIO to INT_AUDIO in the radio’s menu to turn on the loudspeaker.

The other reason is that ammunition can no longer be spawned from the patrol base. People were already being smart and bringing boxes with them when setting up a patrol base and it just made more sense for that to be brought in separately, especially now that there are roles dedicated to that. You can still repair, rearm, refuel and spawn vehicles there.

I’ve removed the armour crew, playtesting showed that the best way for the scimitar to operate is far apart from the platoon, which is counter to the playstyle we’re going for. I have just discovered though that the Stryker is still being used IRL and we already know that it works very well with TWC, so we may see armour come back to modern missions in another form at some point in the future.

Diyala has also been removed, no reason to keep it in the repo if the performance is too bad for us to ever play it.

Since we seem to be on a culling I’ve also removed the massive bergen from the ammobox, it was a neat test but it didn’t work out in practice.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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