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Public Changelog 11/05/2018
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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11th May 2018

PSA: When setting up a patrol base, the section leader needs to select the option to spawn vehicles from the big ammo box, like with ammo spawning. It does not happen automatically as soon as you activate the base.

I've made a playable Columbian section for sahrani and tanoa when we break that out. This is the same principle as the ANA faction, and is based on what research I could find. We're using an 8 man layout with the interpreter and medic, with a lighter assault team as Charlie and a heavier support team for delta. They use a galil variant mainly but have some other neat toys.

You can now bring captured insurgents back to base and interrogate them. This is a high risk, high reward strategy and will give guaranteed information from anyone you detain with a much higher accuracy than civilian questioning, right down to 25m markers for caches and 10m markers for IED’s. You’ll also get some points for it.

I added a small general raise to the difficulties of all the siege maps, since you can lose the base without losing the game now. Also on insurgency modern pilots can now spawn a crate of 60mm mortar ammo.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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