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Public Changelog 12/12/17
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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12th Dec 2017

New Greek enemy units
Body armour isn’t as common, with surplus style webbing being more common. Next up for these will be more variety, but that’ll be in the next update.

New taki enemy units
There are now a few different riflemen and ar’s/mg’s, an rpg gunner using anti personnel rounds and some short range assaulter classes such as submachinegunner, shotgunner and bombers, as well as new scout and sniper classes for use in events.

Minor change to the spawn system
This is mostly backend, but previously the system spawned units by going down a list of enemies in order and spawning number 1,2 etc. This wasn’t an issue when there were only rifleman with a couple of ar’s and rpg’s but now that they have more variety I’ve switched to a random system.
Known issue with this, the civs are spawning on config classnames now instead of adding random clothing to duplicates of c_man_1 which is fine except for the intel system only adds the questioning ability to cman1. I tried to be smart and make my own method of adding it to every class but, while it worked locally, the server didn't like it and started puking. Jayman is working on a replacement system but for now it's more shooty shooty and less hearts and minds. Don't take that as an excuse to start killing civs though, it still counts that.

Slight ai modification. Nothing spectacular, but in theory they should be a little more lively in moving under fire.

New public missions
Sahrani comes to the public server on the new insurgency system that's used by Malden, and Kunduz and reshmaan have now been reworked and put on the new insurgency system as well. Reshmaan has a new base to have a bit of mortar protection. Kunduz’ base was copied over from its previous self so there might be some floating objects since arma doesn’t copy height data, I think I got everything so feel free to report any oddities as usual. Sahrani is in its infancy so expect some issues here and there, and they're currently on the taki enemies/civs

Server stuff

Alkali ran me through the process for updating the public server with my changes so I'm now able to make iterations quicker. This doesn't make a difference to you guys’ gameplay, just means that server related issues can be fixed quicker and updates may come a bit more often.

IDF Radar
New iteration of the indirect fire radar to detect incoming mortar rounds and sound a siren. This is on all the new insurgency missions. This iteration detects enemy mortar fire within 5km of base, looks at lateral deviation to work out whether it’s at risk of hitting the base, and then fires the siren if it looks dodgy. It ignores friendly mortars by default, and will not sound the siren if the rounds look like they’ll fall outside a safe zone. The downside to this system is that it cannot detect whether a round will fall short or long, but if someone is pointing a mortar at base it’s best you know about it anyway.

So the mortar fires and a shell lands in/near base, the system then estimates the approximate location of the mortar position, and within 1-2 minutes a marker will pop up on the map, just like with civ intel except for 2 things:
1: the distance accuracy (250m,500m etc like with caches) changes depending on the distance from the radar. The firing position can be anywhere within that zone.
2: the marker is named with the time of the blast as well as the approximate distance.
The system will only place 1 of these markers every 5-6 minutes, and each marker deletes itself 1 hour after it was created.

Other Changes
I've also made some tweaks to the enemy weapons. The PG-7VL antitank rocket has a safety timer that detonates closer to 1km (was previously quite short) and the OG-7 anti personnel rocket has had its safety timer removed as irl. The OG-7 currently has a bug in its trajectory that makes it have a longer range than it should, but the ai can’t exploit that and for the moment I’ll be using it in events to emulate long range rocket attacks with some trickery to set off the radar system. On top of that the AI are now less accurate with the RPG than before to try and alleviate the laser behaviour, although the vehicles still appear to be marked for death when the AI decrees. On the plus side, the introduction of the antipersonnel rpg gunner means that there is less chance of an rpg round instakilling the vehicle.

Future plans
I'm working on a C-RAM system with a big Gatling gun that has a chance of shooting down enemy mortars and rockets for the big airbases. From a game design perspective this is basically ambience though so it'll be a side project while I get some more variety into the ai, fix bugs and generally do the housekeeping.

Since I don't tend to tease much, here's a video of my current antics with the C-RAM:

The reason this is still wip is because there's a bug where the C-RAM occasionally doesn't follow the target on certain contacts from the radar, so I need to make a centralised infrastructure where the radar feeds all the incoming round info into a centralised system and then the C-RAM prioritises it, rather than every shell contact demanding attention immediately which doesn't seem to be working 100% of the time.

The server is currently down for the night due to an error in the insurgency code. The function for getting a house for the ai to garrison doesn't seem to be working on non-malden maps (thanks BI), which wouldn't be too much of an issue but it throws an error at about once every 0.05 seconds. As the server ran through the night it filled up the server's SSD with a 120GB error log file (thanks BI) that basically crippled it, which is why the repos went down today. The public will be up by tomorrow evening and the repos are back up already, just need to temporarily remove the stronghold system while we work out a solution, the rest of the mission will work fine patrolling through villages and doing the situations.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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