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Public Changelog 16/04/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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3 days ago

I put in an experimental fix for the performance issues on kunduz. This involves removing much of the underground tunnel systems, so if you see some strange looking terrain then that’ll be it.

We had our first test of siege heavy recently which went pretty well. I’ve since removed the warriors as they served no use and added in javelins that should have been in the main ammobox but were completely removed when the playercount got too high.

The wolfhounds have been replaced with specialised variants, that have a few tricks aside from their repair/rearm functionality:

Storage lockers: The lockers on the sides of the vehicles can now be opened with ace interact and have their own independent inventories. These have already been partially stocked with a few items that may be useful like plasticuffs, explosives/detonators and spare radios of each nation, and the container on the back holds defensive equipment such as static weapons and tripods. There are also 2 removable ammoboxes in the rear bed that can be filled with whatever you want and be dropped off quickly, but just be mindful that these cannot be reattached. If you do need to put the stuff back in the vehicle then the slower ace unloading system can be used as normal.

Electronic countermeasures (ECM): The wolfhound is now equipped with a countermeasure suite to stop ied’s from detonating remotely. This effect is passive and does not require anyone to activate it. The vehicle doesn't even need to be occupied for it to work. The jammer is effective at ranges of 100-200 meters but will not stop an Ied if you step or drive directly on it.

Fuel cans: There are two fuel cans carrying 20 liters each, you’ll find them on the front left corner and you can either pick them up (they can’t be returned) or fuel directly from them.

One major issue: The external boxes, fuel cans and storage lockers will not respawn with the vehicle. The ECM will still work, but those extra resources won’t be there.

All in all this should turn the wolfhound into a valuable asset that requires teamwork to get the most out of. The limited (and randomised) ECM range will require the vehicle to shadow infantry through towns if they wish to remain under its protection, and the external storage should allow players to store stuff without cluttering the main inventory.

Also on a side note, there’s now an altitude limit for vehicles setting off IED’s. It’s not directly on the ground so helis will still set them off if they fly too low, but they shouldn’t randomly go off when a heli flies over at normal altitude anymore.

Lastly, use the forums for bug reports instead of telling me by voice. If I’m actually trying to enjoy the game then I don’t have time to tab out, open up my tracker and write down all the conditions of the issue. In future I’ll just be referring people to the bug report template instead because I can’t remember the reports manually.

The template is here: http://www.thewreckingcre ... c/bug-submitting-t7l

Future Stuff

Next week I’ll be running a long form insurgency mission on Reshmaan all through the week, with a point limit of 2000 instead of the usual 400. This will give players the chance to make a real impact with routine patrols, patrol bases and other activities that wouldn’t make much difference to a shorter mission.

I’m also starting work on a new role for insurgency, the interpreter. This guy would be unarmed and would be able to hear enemy communications that reveal information about the environment that might otherwise be missed. This will be text based and indicate the player of things like IED’s, enemy held villages and potentially estimate strengths of strongholds as you approach the area, provided the player has the correct frequency selected. The terp will be provided with a specialist radio and will have to check through the frequencies for activity as they move through an area. If all goes well it should provide an interesting role for people to take every once in a while that is helpful without being overpowered.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane. ... xc.jpg
Pity Me.

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