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Public Changelog 18/02/18
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18th Feb 2018


I’ve been tinkering with config files. All the USMC STANAG rifles (M4/M16 variants) can now take all of the3CB stanag mags. The L85 can already take the american mags, which is handy because my attempt to do it myself was unsuccessful.


I started working on insurgency again. All afghan maps now have an ANA section, and the USMC is actually wearing desert camo now. They also have a breacher in place of the first rifleman, which is basically the same as the BAF pointman. The player count restriction for artillery and snipers has been lowered to 5, and the counts for cas helis and jets have been lowered too. I’m on the fence about the attack helis like the apache and the cobra, I may go for a weighted system in future that dynamically changes its restriction in some way. It’s overpowered by nature, so balance for it is difficult. IFV’s have also had their count lowered considerably to just 6 people, since mechanised combat really isn’t that uncommon if the terrain favours it.

There is now only one crew per tier (heli, jet, armour) and they have a choice between the two nationalities of vehicles. For example, there is a single armour crew section of 3 guys and they can use the Warrior or the LAV. This means that only one asset of that tier is ever properly operational at a time, and therefore allows the counts to be lower and gives people more freedom to try different forcetypes. This will likely migrate to domination, but I’m giving it an incubation period on insurgency first to see how it works out.

Strongholds are back, and so are HVT’s. Same function as before, but the stronghold now has a check in place to not murder the server if it can’t find the right buildings and the HVT’s shouldn’t run away whenever you get close.
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