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Public Changelog 18/06/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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28th Jun 2018

Made a couple of performance related changes. The town spawn trigger now has a ceiling and the map size dependent stronghold spawning has been disabled. The trigger change is to hopefully stop air assets spawning the towns, hopefully it doesn’t affect infantry on hills too badly. The extra strongholds were removed because having 100-200 infantry standing around that you ‘might’ run into at some point was just an unnecessary drain on performance.

A single mortar will now spawn at the beginning of the mission in a random place. The tube will be lightly defended, and destroying the tube gets points. This should be a light objective for a section that saves headaches in the long run, as the mortar will not respawn. Arma is arma so getting it to fire is much more difficult than just doing it the proper way, we’re working on it.

The big cargo container on the back of the logistics trucks can now be unloaded and loaded onto the bed again, and logistics technicians can spawn new containers. This is part of a larger plan where logistics techs can spawn the trucks and/or containers, and the containers can either be loaded onto the truck or slingloaded by heli, which will come in when the slingload rewrite gets done.

Our test of the section specialist vehicles went well with a full ANA section being supplemented by a ZSU HMMWV, so I’ve migrated it to the other sections in the modern era. If a section has more than 6 people then its commanders/subcommanders can spawn an ambulance if it’s the british (which is classed as an ace medical vehicle), the ZSU HMMWV if they’re ANA and a CROWS HMMWV if they’re USMC.

I got bored of waiting for 3cb to add support for ACE’s custom zeroing on their scopes, so I added it myself. I also did the PSO on the ANA marksman’s Dragunov.

Long range radios have been removed from vehicle crews, now that the radio is in the vehicle where it should be.

Destroying the technicals at the checkpoints now gets points. This does not apply to strongholds currently but probably will in future.
Last Edit: 28th Jun 2018 by Hobbs
Joined: 31st May 2013
Rank: Member
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28th Jun 2018

Ref. Long range radio's - can we now add the "radio vehicle" of old? Preferably something suitable such as an FFR land rover or some such. I suggest we lock the vehicle totally and just rely on the external interaction with the vehicle radio.

Ref. Vehicle Crew radio's - Whilst the radio's are obviously mounted, I think that they should still be removable (I think there is a toggle in the acre to allow/disallow this). This means that if they do get de-horsed/downed, they can grab the radio and exfil as needed.

What are the plans for mounting radio's in the "normal" vehicles?

Arma Pacis Fulcra - Armed Strength for Peace

Joined: 20th Jan 2013
Rank: Member
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28th Jun 2018

In regards to the recent ACRE update, we're still investigating our options as a whole. We want an experience that's the same, regardless of being on an operation or on public.

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Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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